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School Council

Our school council is made up of two representatives from each year group from Y2-6, who meet regularly to discuss a wide range of school related issues.

They also take part in the Governing Body's Pastoral Committee, which meets once each term. In all of these meetings, the children give their perspective on initiatives and priorities for the school. They also take part in the recruitment process for new staff, by interviewing candidates. 

One of our governors who meets regularly with them says this:

"They are a very impressive bunch of people, who express their opinions in a very direct and articulate way. Their input has made a difference to the choices we have made on a number of occasions."

Representatives from our school also take part in the SHARES Pupil Parliament, which meets to discuss issues on a whole town basis. In 2013-14, Pupil Parliamentarians visited the House of Commons as part of a residential trip to London.

School Council