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Mental health and Wellbeing Information

The Wellbeing and Mental Health of children is a priority at St.Francis of Assisi. We aim to support the whole child and seek out opportunities to help the children flourish. We support children to recognise and name their emotions, to have strategies to support their own wellbeing and to know who they can speak to when they need further help. Our theme days/weeks highlight mental health and wellbeing, whilst school staff help to create an everyday culture where mistakes are a part of learning, where it is okay to feel a range of emotions, and where experiences of how resilience has been found in hard times and shared. 

We provide additional support to some children, individually and in small groups, through the role of our Pupil Support Mentor who works on a referral basis with children. Children are encouraged to self-refer but can also be referred by parents and staff in school for support with friendships, developing self-esteem, understanding social situations etc. 

Children are also supported to respect eachother and are encouraged to learn from other cultures and understand the impact their choices have on the wellbeing of others, whether this be on others in their class, school, community or the wider world. 

Some of our staff are Mental Health First Aiders and although they are not therapists, they can give out initial support and highlight you to appropriate help if required. 

We also have two staff who are Suicide first aiders and are part of the orange button scheme. You can read about the orange button scheme below. 

There is also lots of information that you might find useful.