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Other learning

In our Come and See lessons we have been learning about the importance of sharing. Linked to this, posters have been made to encourage people to share what they can with food banks, helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Captain Sir Tom Moore

As part of our Come and See work we have been learning about Captain Sir Tom Moore and how he made a difference. We have thought about why he is inspirational and made posters to celebrate his life. 

Science experiment

In our reading book we learnt a new word, 'evaporation'. Following this we tried a kitchen science experiment to learn about what happens. We added some salt to some water in a small bowl and observed the changes over a few days. Above are the results from the experiment. What do you notice?

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 9th February was Safer Internet Day. 


We watched a virtual assembly and learnt about how to stay safe online. Here is the link to the assembly and the quiz.



During our third week of lockdown learning, Chester Zoo hosted a live virtual tour of the zoo. Here is a selection of work based on these sessions. If you missed it you can catch up on the sessions on this link: 

Chester Zoo Day

🎥 🦥 LIVE VIRTUAL ZOO DAY: Taking it slow with the sloths