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Wow! What a fantastic last week we have had! The sun has been shining so we have been playing outside a lot and then on Thursday we had our pirate party it was great fun! Please look at the photographs below. Happy Holidays to everyone.

In Little Doves this week we have all been dressing up as pirates and making pirate ships out of wooden blocks and cardboard boxes. Some of us made a plank and balanced really carefully across it just in case there were sharks in the water! We have even made our own pirate hats which we are going to wear next Thursday for our pirate party. We have also been looking at lots of pictures of pirate ships  and listening to stories about pirates. It has been great fun!


In Little Doves this week we have had lots of fun playing outside, we went fishing in the water for our new fish. They have letters on them so our teachers helped us as we tried to say some of the letter sounds. Picking them up with the fishing rods was really tricky! When it was windy we watched the parachute blow in the wind then we ran underneath it. We made it into a den and some of us pretended to be asleep!

Inside we have been have been playing with the playdough and making our hands strong by squashing and squeezing it. We also had a go at threading coloured pipe cleaners through colanders, we had to be really careful and concentrate.

We have had a busy week learning all about jungle animals. We have been practising counting by printing spots onto snake shapes and then counting them all up to make sure they matched the number at the side of the snake, we are geeting really good at counting.

We decided that it would be a good idea to make some binoculars to use in the jungle so we have made them out of cardboard tubes. We  painted them in brown and green, some of us even stuck brown and green paper on too so they are really camouflaged. We need to tiptoe and be very quiet so the animals don't see us ! Shhhh!

We have also been singing a song called Walking in the Jungle and learning the actions to it as well.

Outside, our teachers hid some numbers and we played a game where we had to go and look for the numbers and then when we found them we had to say the number name. It took us a while to find them, they were really well hidden!

The Sun has been shining again and we have had lots of fun playing outside in the water tray, washing dollies and playing with the boats. We even found some baby ladybirds in the Mint because we know what they look like now and they don't look anything like the grown up ones!

Inside we have been exploring and playing in our new jungle role play area, there are lots of animals to play with and we enjoy dressing up as jungle animals too!

Some of us are getting really good at holding our pencils properly and writing our names and we keep practising in the writing area.We have also been making pictures with triangles, circles, rectangles and squares.

This week we have had a great time learning more about dinosaurs. We have been looking at all the different types of dinosaurs and trying to learn some of their names! We have even made dinosaurs out of socks and drawn eyes on and made them look really scary. Some of us have decorated them with spots and given them teeth! We have been practicing our cutting out and how to hold scissors properly, so to help us with this we have cut out lots of pictures of dinosaurs.

We have enjoyed playing with the pirate ship and have made up lots of stories, our teachers found a treasure chest full of pirate outfits so we put these on  and pretended to be pirates outside. We made a ship out of the soft shapes and put the slide on the floor to make a plank!

What a busy week we have had! We have been talking about dinosaurs and reading stories such as Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School, we love pretending to be dinosaurs, especially outside!

We have made some beautiful Rainbow Fish which are going to go up on the wall. We cut out and stuck lots of shiny paper onto fish shapes to make glittery scales just like in the story.

Outside we have enjoyed washing the dolls and toys in lots of bubbles in the water tray and then we 'painted' the fences with our paint brushes dipped in water.

On Friday we celebrated the Queen's birthday and dressed up in red, white and blue, we also wore glittery crowns that we had made ourselves.

What an exciting week! We went onto the hall one morning to see a great big Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, we were very brave even when it kept making a great big RAHH noise which was really loud. Some of us touched it but it didn't seem to mind! It had great big teeth and a swishy tail. The afternoon children saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex when it came onto the playground and it was so clever that it could even play football! We have been pretending to be dinosaurs all week! One morning when we came into nursery we were surprised to see great big dinosaur footprints on the floor, we thought it must have popped in during the night to eat our snack. We checked the snack cupboard and the food was still there, phew!

Apart from dinosaurs we have been making colour patterns with cubes this week, we are really good at this and some of us went onto the Superstar board for making our own patterns.

We have also been painting pebbles to make our own ladybirds, we are going to play with these when they are dry.

We have had a very busy week learning about ladybirds and reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle. We have had great fun printing spots onto ladybird shapes and then counting all the spots. We have also been rolling dice and counting all the spots on these too. We have been watching programmes about ladybirds and have learnt the names for the different parts of ladybirds, what baby ladybirds look like and where they live.

Outside we went to search for mini beasts, we looked under logs and in the plants. We found lots of spiders, woodlice and even snails but no ladybirds yet! We shall keep searching.

We have enjoyed talking about who our friends are and we have had our photographs taken with them, we did our best smiles!



This week we have had lots of fun singing "Five Little Ducks" . We have enjoyed dancing and waddling like ducks. Some of us quacked really loudly! Outside we counted the five ducks and then put more into our pretend pond and counted how many we had altogether. 

Some of us used the 3D shapes to make a wall and then we tried to walk and balance across it to the other end, it was quite tricky!

The rain filled up our water barrel so we had great fun emptying and filling different sizes of containers and seeing who could fill theirs up first.

We have loved digging in our garden and making mud pies, we then put our wellies on and jumped in it, "squelch, squelch", what a lovely noise it made!


We have had a great four days in Little Doves this week. Outside we have enjoyed mixing soil, water, twigs and leaves together to make "dinosaur soup", we thought the dinosaurs would love it! The sun has been shining and some of the older children came to sing nursery rhymes to us and play their guitars, we all joined in and then gave them a big clap at the end.

A group of children from Reception also came to visit us and they sang a caterpillar song to us, it was really good. 

We have loved building "machines" and "houses" with the large soft play shapes and then the best bit was knocking them down!

Inside we have been listening to the story of 'The Ugly Duckling', we had our hands painted with white paint and made swan shaped hand prints, they look great especially when we decorated them with feathers, we hope they don't fly away!

We celebrated our Good News this week by having a party outside, we ate crisps, pop and cookies and talked about all our Good News which makes us feel happy. It was also Aja's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to her.



What a busy week we have had! We have been finding out how tall we are by measuring ourselves against a big piece of paper and marking on it where the top of our heads came to. 

We have continued to learn about The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and we have made long and short caterpillars using coloured beads, we have been very clever and counted how many beads we had. We have even looked at real caterpillars and watched them crawl around the tub, they had lots of legs! In our Creative area we got really messy by printing lots of paint with sponges and sprinkling glitter on a big piece of paper to make a beautiful butterfly, we think it looks gorgeous!

On Thursday we tasted some of the food that The very Hungry Caterpillar ate, the strawberries were yummy,  the melon was juicy, the cheese was very popular but the gherkins, well what can we say? The Very Hungry Caterpillar must have been VERY hungry indeed! They made our eyes tingle when we tasted them and they looked very strange.

This week we have been listening to and learning about the story of The Hungry Caterpillar.

We have had great fun and have been getting very messy by using sponges and paints to print our caterpillars. Some of us painted "lots and lots" of legs on them. We have also made caterpillars by squishing, squashing and rolling the playdough, we loved seeing who could make the longest one!

We have also been very busy learning to use scales to balance our baby dolls in the Role Play Area. We counted how many wooden blocks it took to balance the scales, we are getting very clever with our counting.

We have been so lucky, the sun has been shining and we have loved going outside to explore. One of our favourite activities has been to use the bubble blowers to blow wobbly bubbles and watch them fly away in the air...or POP!

We have been learning new songs and one of our favourites is Five Currant Buns because some of us pretend to be currant buns and then someone buys us (takes away). We are have also been learning to do the actions for some nursery rhymes, Bertie Bird watches us very carefully to see who is really trying hard to do their best singing.

We are looking forward to having lots more fun!


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We have had a fun week in Nursery.  We have been observing the chicks, talking about how they have grown and changed (check out the photos below).  We have also been carrying out science experiments, as this week is ‘National Science Week’.  We observed the white flower changing colour as it drank the coloured water and we made a magic potion using oil, water, glitter and food colouring, no matter how much we tried to stir the potion together, the oil and water separated. Leaving coloured water at the bottom of the glass and clear oil at the top.   It was amazing.

We also had to use our thinking skills to rescue Charlie Chimp from the baddies, who had trapped him in the middle of a web of laser beams (wool).  We had to negotiate through the beams without setting them off, by stepping over or under them.  It was quite tricky and we had to think about the best route to take.  We succeeded and he is now safely back in nursery.  phew!!!!

We are looking forward to our Easter Parade next week and a visit from the Easter Bunny


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In school this week there were some special arrivals. On Monday we received 10 eggs from the farm.  We watched them daily for any changes and observed them as they moved and cracked.  By the end of the week seven little chicks had hatched.   We were able to stroke and hold them as they grew bigger each day.   We even had one come and visit us in the quiet room, it was very fluffy and ran very fast.  It was so cute!  We are looking forward to watching them grow.  


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We had such a busy week continuing our theme on  ‘Spring” and “growing’.

We created our Mothers’ Day Card and planted some cress to watch it grow.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mummies out there, we hope you like your card.

On Thursday we had such fun in the hall taking part in the ‘World Book Day’ celebrations, we got to show our costumes to all the children in the school. Check out the photos below.


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In Little Doves this week, we went outside on a hunt to look for signs of Spring. This linked into our new Come & See topic of “Growing”.  We also develop our climbing skills on the climbing frame and had a great time climbing up to the top and sliding down the slide.   We had a nice surprise one morning when the outside area was all frosty and icy, we put on our coats and went outside to investigate.  We also had fun making marks on the frosty ground and fence with paintbrushes and water.  We learned a new phonics game this week called ‘noisy box’ and enjoyed putting the animal noise in the box and singing the rhyme. “I open up the noisy box, the noisy box, the noisy box, I open up the noisy box and in it I put a ….”(moo).  


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Another exciting week in Little Doves . We learned about the different ways that Chinese people celebrate New Year.  We played in the Chinese restaurant that was set up in the role play area and made Chinese drums in the creative area.  We also  tried to write some Chinese symbols.  We tasted some Chinese food and got to watch clips on Chinese New Year celebrations. We  even did our own dragon dance outside.  On Tuesday we also had another type of celebration, we celebrated Pancake Day (Shove Tuesday), we played a maths game were we flipped the numbered pancakes and for snack we got to eat pancakes with different toppings.  They were yummy!  Take a look at the video below to see what we have been doing. 


Happy Chinese New Year

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Check out our Dragon Dance

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As part of our exciting week in Little Doves , we participated in Mrs Naylor's Special Celebration Mass where  we sang "if I were a butterfly". Check out our cool headbands, which we made ourselves.  We have had a great time climbing and balancing outside, we enjoyed playing games and the musical instruments together. We even got to share birthday cake. Happy Birthday  to Orestas, Liam and Nathan. 


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Let's Celebrate!


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From blowing bubbles on Monday to being Super heroes on Friday. What a busy week.


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Welcome to nursery class 2015... What a busy start