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Victory in Europe Day - 8th May


On Friday 8th May 2020, we will all celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe, also known as VE day. It is a special day to remember and give thanks to all those men and women who fought to save our country and make our lives peaceful. It is such a special day, so much so we have been given a national holiday to celebrate. 


It can be a little bit tricky to explain to Reception children what the day is all about, so below I have a attached a very simple, short video to explain. The best way our youngest can celebrate is by spending time with their families and thinking about how lucky they are to have their mums, dads, aunties uncles, Nans, grandads, etc with them. 



Why do we celebrate VE day?

An explanation of World war 2, VE day and why we celebrate it for young children