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The Best Educational TV Shows on Netflix for Children

The Best Educational TV Shows on Netflix for Children

Being a parent and a teacher isn’t an easy combination.

For those of us who aren’t trained teachers, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.

After a few days of being at home, you might be looking for ways to shake up your learning. Or, you might just be needing a spark of inspiration.

Here’s an idea: there are loads of educational children’s shows on Netflix to try out. Access to Netflix is like having one of the world’s largest libraries of video content at your fingertips.

There’s something for almost every aspect of education: children can learn about dinosaurs, outer space or the human body. 

Even better, you can pair episodes of educational TV shows on Netflix with Twinkl resources. Below you can find lots of great shows for your children - no matter their age - plus resource recommendation to extend their learning. 

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