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Science Week

We had a fantastic Science week at St Francis. We learnt lots of things and had loads of fun. We made and launched rockets, had a visit from some mad scientists and made our own hoop gliders. Have a look at some of the pictures below. 
We had a whole school assembly where Jimmy G- force carried out some exciting experiments. Well done to all the children who took part. 
We learnt that a string of monomers group together to create polymers. We made slime by mixing together sodium borate and PVA solution. We added a dye to make it coloured. The slime was very sticky!


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The moment that we created slime!
We used paper and straws to create hoop gliders. We tested how well they flew and then we discussed something what we could change, our independent variable. We completed a fair test investigation where we ensured we only changed one thing. 
Can you make five cocktail sticks move by only using water? We experimented with different liquids to see what would happen. Look at the pictures to find out what happened. 

Rocket making

We recycled plastic bottles by decorating them in our house group colours. We worked in our teams to design and decorate them, finally launching them on the field. 

The launch...

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