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Sacramental Information

At St Francis of Assisi we follow the programme, 'With You Always', which is used throughout the Liverpool Archdiocese. 

Children from within our Parish are supported by Mrs Kath Gresty (Senior Catechist). 

We are lucky to have Ms Jane Rimmer, our School Catechist, who provides additional support within school for the children and families taking part.  


Sacraments like Reconciliation and First Communion are parts of God's gift to us.  Reconciliation is the gift of forgive of forgiveness and through Eucharist we come into Communion with Jesus.  It is based on Family Catechesis which is a way of supporting parents to pass on their faith to their children.  So parents, catechists and school work together to teach the children about the Sacraments.


Children make their Reconciliation in December and their Holy Communion in May/ June in Year 4. 


Please note: Children need to be baptised before they can make their Sacrements of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.


Please email Ms Jane Rimmer if you need futher information.