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Welcome to RT!


We are sending you a big hello and welcome to our class page.

This is our first year in school and we feel very grown up in our uniforms. We are really enjoying coming to school. 

Our Reception class is a happy and caring place to be. We are having so much of fun with our new friends, exploring our different areas and learning lots of new things.


We hope you return to our class page to see how we are growing.

What we will be learning in the Spring term

Friday was a very exciting day! We went on a trip to Blackpool Zoo!  We travelled to Blackpool by coach, it took us a very long time. 

When we arrived at the zoo, we went into a special learning room and one of the zoo keepers taught us all about animal colours and patterns. We learned a new, important word 'camouflage'. We found out why animals are camouflaged, it was very interesting. We felt real animal skins, they were "fury", "smooth" and "soft". We also held a real stick insect, it tickled our hands! We are very lucky.

We had a fantastic time walking around the zoo and seeing lots of different animals. We were amazed to see a real life lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, orangutans, gorillas, peacock, meerkat, sea lions, penguins and flamingos!

It was a lovely sunny day so we decided to sit outside and enjoy our scrumptious picnic lunch.

After a fantastic day, we travelled back to school on a coach. Some of us were very tired after such a busy and exciting day that we fell asleep.

Our world is a wonderful place and a beautiful gift from God.

This week, we have explored what we love and wonder about our world.

We have learned to 'wonder'. We know that wondering means thinking of things or asking questions which we may not have the answer to. 

We looked at photographs of God's special creations.


We wondered...


"Why are fish different colours?" - Logan

"Where does a rainbow land?" - Paige

"Why do giraffes have squares on them?" - Elanur

"Where does the sun come from?" - Olivia

"Why are flowers different colours?" - Lexi

"Why is snow white?" - Cole



We went outside to explore our wonderful world. We used the digital camera to take photographs of things we thought were wonderful...

We listened to The Creation Story. We learned that God created our wonderful world in     6 days and rested on the 7th day. We learned what God created on each day.


We decided to use our amazing art skills to create a collage of God's wonderful world.

We used sponges to print the sky and rollers to create the land and wavy sea. Each of us painted our favourite part of creation and added it to our collage.

This week, we have continued our adventure in the amazing continent of Africa.

Last week, we saw some very precious African jewellery, brought in by our special visitor Sue. We really liked the jewellery so decided to make some of our own.


We chose to make our jewellery from pasta tubes. We know African jewellery is usually made from beautiful, bright colours so we painted our pasta tubes in red, orange, yellow, green and purple. We threaded them onto pretty coloured ribbon to make necklaces and bracelets. We look fabulous wearing our African jewellery!

Sports Day

On Thursday, we had our first ever Sports Day! We were so excited to take part in all of the events! We had lots of fun running, jumping, balancing, throwing, racing through the obstacle course and falling over in the sack race!

It was great to have our Mummy's. Daddy's, family and friends there to watch us.

Miss Toole is so proud of how brave we were, participating in brand new activities.

We are all winners!

This week, we have packed our suitcases and jetted off to the amazing continent of Africa! We are learning lots about this places and its many, fascinating countries.


On Monday, we became super chefs and baked banana and coconut cake, which is a traditional desert all the way from Tunisia; a country in North Africa. We think banana and coconut cake was very easy to make. We were very grown up and used knives to chop up the bananas, poured orange juice on top, topped the bananas with small pieces of butter and sprinkled coconut on top; we had lots of fun.

When it was ready we ate our delicious desert, some of us enjoyed it but Lexi thought it was "too sugary" and Olivia said it was "very sweet".

On Tuesday, some very special visitors came to our class; their names were Ron and Sue. We learned Ron and Sue are very kind, they run an important charity in Tanzania which helps children go to school, as well as build schools.

Ron and Sue have visited Tanzania many times and bought some wonderful objects, all the way from Africa, to share with us. It was very interesting to see beautiful African fabrics which is used for clothing, jewellery and masks. Ron also taught us an African folk song. We enjoyed tapping our knees to keep the beat and singing along.





In P.E. we have learned an African folk dance, our dance was from the country Senegal. It is a party dance so we had to put on our best smiles whilst performing. It was fun to bounce and clap along to the beat. Next week, we are going to perform it for the whole school.

On Friday, we were very lucky to have a man named Brian come to our school. Brian is from an organisation called 'Bash the Trash'. He taught us how to make music out of anything! It was amazing! We created rhythms out of bowls, spoons, recycle bins, wall brackets and old tins. We loved making lots of noise and dancing a long! What a fantastic experience!


Still image for this video

Wow! What an exciting week we have had!

This week we have put on our dancing shoes and got into the groove, as part of our whole school 'Dress Up and Dance Day', to help raise money for Macmillan cancer charity.


We choreographed and learned a dance routine to the Y.M.C.A. We are such talented dancers! Miss Toole was amazed at how quickly we learned the dance and how much effort and attitude we put into our performance. We had such fun wiggling our hips and even singin along to the song.


We know the Y.M.C.A. is sang by a group called 'The Village People'. On Friday, we came to school in costume. We dressed up as a police officer, Native American, construction worker, cowboy and sailor. We looked fantastic! We love dressing up!


Still image for this video

We stood on the stage in the hall and performed our Y.M.C.A. dance to all of the boys and girls in school. We are so brave! We had lots of fun dancing on stage, we smiled all the way through our dance. It was a wonderful morning; Miss Toole is so proud of us!


Our school raised a huge: £178

We are so kind and generous. Thank you to all the boys and girls in St Francis of Assisi.

Our Daddy's and Grandad's are very special to us. We know Father's Day is an important day when we celebrate how much we love them. We decided to make our Daddy's and Grandad a card, to remind them how special they are. We hope they like them!

Percy's slimy challenge...

Wow! What a very exciting week we have had in Reception.


On Monday, we received a video message from Percy the Park Keeper! Percy told us all about a cheeky creature in his park which is eating his plants!  Percy doesn't know which creature it is and asked us to find out. He told us he wants to keep the creatures in a special place, in his park, where he can feed them different plants. Percy gave us a very important clue "the creature eating my plants leaves a slimy, silver trail."


We are amazing detectives and know it is a snail eating Percy's plants!

We wanted to find out more about snails so we could help Percy. Miss Toole gave us some snails to keep snails as class pets. We are fascinated with our snails. We have spent lots of time using magnifying glasses to observe them closely. Some of us have even been brave enough to pick up the snails and hold them in our hands and let them slither up our arms! They left a shiny, silvery trail on us too!

We wanted to tell Percy it was the snails eating his plants. We knew to find the snails, Percy needed to know what they looked like, how they felt and how they moved. We dressed up as detectives to investigate this further. We used our senses to explore the snails and have written some amazing sentences describing them. We are going to send our wonderful writing Percy! We hope it helps!

Kobie explained the shells on our snails are "swirly" - Wow what a super word!

Lexi noticed the shells on our snails are "curly" - A great description!

We have had lots of fun in our continuous provision, recreating the swirly, curly design on a snail's shell.

In Maths, we have explored 3D shapes. We are learning to identify cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, pyramids and spheres.  We have had lots of fun showing off all we know, when playing a game of shape bingo. We have really impressed Miss Toole with our shape work and are now learning about how many faces each 3D shape has and what shape the faces are.

A big hello and welcome back from all of Reception. Wow, we cannot believe we are in the final part of the Summer Term and these are our last weeks in Reception, time flies when you're having fun!

This week, we have had a special focus week on 'shelters'. We talked about what we already know about shelters. Cole explained a shelter "covers you", Rocco said "shelters have a roof to keep you dry" and Tayla told us "shelters keep you warm". Lexie recognised "a house" is a shelter and Kobie suggested "you can keep shelter under your trampoline". Wow, we are so clever!


We have learned about different types of shelters, we recognised a lot of shelters have a roof and walls. Miss Toole de-constructed our role play area and provided us with different materials so we could explore building our own shelters; we are very inventive! We had lots of fun taking our shoes off and playing inside our shelters, Olivia enjoyed it so much she asked "Can I sleep here over night?" Miss Toole was so impressed with our creations!

      Den building

On Thursday, we went on an adventure up to the Beacon Country Park.

We wanted to show off our super shelter skills and build dens outdoors so that is exactly what we did!

We ventured into the forest, it was great walking through the trees, we had to jump over the muddy, we thought we might see a bear!

When we were in our clearing, Miss Toole divided us into groups. We had to work with our friends to decide the type of shelter we wanted to build, what materials we would need and how we were going to build it. Miss Toole said our team work skills were amazing! We used the big trees as a structure for our dens. We worked together, collecting logs, long branches and twigs - we are very strong! We arranged everything we had collected around our trees; we used rope and string to tie everything together, we didn't want our shelter to fall down! It was a very sunny day, we understood our shelter had to give us shade so we collected lots of foliage to cover it with.

The shelters we built were amazing! We are so proud of all our hard work. Our cooperation and thinking skills really made Miss Toole smile.

But our adventure up the Beacon didn't stop there. We all enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch on the field, afterwards we went back into the forest for more fun.


Some of us chose to go on a bug hunt! We searched under logs and rocks, on the trees and under rocks to find lots of creepy crawlies. We found a millipede, centipede, woodlouse, spider, beetle, fly and a worm. Miss Taylor found a huge worm! It was so long we thought it was a snake! We collected our mini beasts in containers and used magnifying glasses to look closely at them.


Our other friends chose to be amazing artwork and create pictures using natural materials.

We went into the meadow, the grass was very long it was nearly as tall as us! We collected different coloured flowers and leaves from the meadow. We took them back to the forest and arranged them on one side of a piece of cloth; we folded the other side of the cloth over the top. We were so grown up using a hammer to gently tap the flowers and leaves inside the cloth. When we tapped it with a hammer we noticed it was making a print! When we opened our cloth we found out we had made a symmetrical picture. Wow, we are wonderful natural artists!

We finished our adventure with a camp fire. We gathered around to toast marshmallows and sweet, chocolate chip bread, it was delicious! We had a fantastic den building experience and a very fun day. Miss Toole is so proud of our behaviour and all we achieved at the Beacon.

On Friday, the whole school decided to gather together, on the school field, to show off all we had learned, throughout the week, about shelters. Each class worked together to construct their shelters. After 45 minutes a village appeared!  We loved working alongside the bigger boys and girls. We are so proud to be part of St Francis of Assisi

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Wow, what a wonderful week we have had to end our first half of the Summer term.

We are still very enthusiastic about mini beasts so this week, we have decided to find out all about caterpillars!


In Literacy, we have read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'; we have loved listening to this classic tale and were fascinated to see the tiny caterpillar turn into a big, beautiful butterfly. We have shown off our super, duper writing skills and written all about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', we even included special words from the story such as 'cocoon'. We blew Miss Toole's socks off! She is so impressed with how much we have progressed in our writing.


We were so captivated by the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies, in the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', we decided to get some caterpillars of our own and keep them as class pets! We have used magnifying classes to observe the caterpillars, it has been so exciting watching our tiny, fury friends turn into big, fat caterpillars and spin their cocoons! We can't wait for them to turn into butterflies!

 Tick tock on the clock...

We have started to learn all about time. We are beginning to recognise features of a clock face, we have learned some new important words, 'clock face', 'hands' and 'minute hand'. We decided to explore how much we could achieve in one minute. We tested how many times we could jump in one minute, it was hard work! We clapped continuously for one minute, this made our hands tingle! We also walked around for one minute. We decided one minute isn't a very long time.


We then used construction materials and explored the types of models and patterns we could create in one minute, three minutes and five minutes, it was lots of fun!

  Coffee and cake

On Friday, we hosted a 'Coffee and cake morning' to raise money for our trip next term.
We invited our friends and family to come into class to enjoy some yummy scrummy cakes, biscuits and a warm up of coffee. We would like to say a
big thank you to everybody who joined us, we really appreciate your donations.

Here are the beehive,

But where are the bees?

Hidden away where nobody sees.

Watch and you'll see them come out the hive,

One, two, three, four, five!

There has been a buzz of excitement in class this, as we have learned all about bees!

On Monday, Miss Toole left a plate of something very peculiar in our class.

I wonder what it was?

We used our senses to explore the strange substance on the plate. Olivia said it felt "sticky", she was right, it stuck Cole's fingers together! Rocco said it smelt like "coffee beans". Liam explained it was "brown" and Lexi said when it moved it was "runny".

We found it was honey! We have learned honey comes from bees. We tasted the honey, soem of us thought it was very yummy, however some of us didn't like it, Paulie explained to was "too sweet."


We decided to create a zig-zag book explaining all about how honey is made. We learned some new, special words: nectar, Queen bee and hive, we used these in our writing. Miss Toole was so impressed with our amazing writing skills.

We have also been busy bees in our creative area. We have shown off our super art skills and created mod-roc bees. First we scrunched up newspaper then we wrapped it in plaster, it was very messy but lots of fun! We noticed bees have a yellow and black stripy pattern on their bodies so when the plaster was dry, we painted it the bees with this pattern. Afterwards, we glued on wings, which we made out of coloured netting, and googly eyes; they look brilliant!

"I'm going to make a silly soup,

I'm making a soup that's silly,

I'm going to cook it in the oven,

So it's nice and chilly!"

On Monday, we had a very special visitor in our class, his name was Chef Jeff.

Chef Jeff came to ask for our help. He wanted us to help him make a silly soup, however Chef Jeff could only cook with ingredients which rhymed. Chef Jeff didn't know what rhyming meant, we told his rhyming words "sound the same".

We helped Chef Jeff choose the rhyming ingredients to cook in his yummy, scrummy soup!

We were so inspired by Chef Jeff, we decided we wanted to become super chefs too and cook some silly soup of our own! We now have 'star and car' and 'king and ring' soup on our school menu - yum yum!

Counting in twos


This week, we have learned a brand new skill, we have started to practice how to count in twos!  We decided to use what we have learned to help Miss Toole. We counted in twos to find out how many 1p coins Miss Toole had in her purse. Miss Toole is so proud of how clever we are and how hard we are trying!


Happy 5th Birthday James!


On Thursday, James told two of our friends in class some very exciting news! It was his birthday! James is our class mascot, we love him very much.
Each night our 'Star Of The Day' gets to take our special James home, for tea and cuddles.

James turned a big 5, just like us! We decided to have a tea party to celebrate James' birthday. We sang happy birthday and made cards. James told us he had a "woof-derful day".

There's a worm at the bottom of the garden

and his name is Wiggly-Woo!

This week we have felt all wiggly and wriggly and made friends with worms!

We have been so interested in finding out all  lots of amazing facts about where worms live, what they eat and how they move.
Our favourite fact is:

"worms don't have noses, they breathe through their skin!" What amazing creatures!


We have loved learning about worms so much that we wanted to keep some as class pets!

Miss Toole thought this was a great idea so we decided to build a wormery!


We had lots of fun exploring the big field and gardening beds and using hand trowels and hand spades to dig for our wiggly friends!

We learned worms like to live in moist soil. We took our wiggly worms back to our classroom to create our wormery. We worked together to create their habitat out of layers of soil and sand. We watered the soil so it was moist. It was very fun!
We enjoyed getting our hands dirty!

When we were finished we put our worms inside. They really like their new home.

Our wormery is very interesting and we like looking closely at it, each day, to see if we notice any changes.

Our wiggly friend have also been helping us with our number work.

This week we have  been learning all about length. We have learned two new, special words "longer" and "shorter". We have really enjoyed using playdoh to create worms of different lengths. We compared their sizes and talked about which worm was "longer" and which was "shorter". We also decided to show off an create worms which were the same length!

We have also learned that we can measure in worms! We created a measuring strip by gluing lots of worms next to each other. We then used this to measure many different items in our classroom. What helpful wriggly friends!

Above the sparkling pond water,

 Their tiny heads poke out,

And on lily pads all over,

The frogs hop about!

Wow! What a wonderful week we have had in Reception, filled with lots of excitement and sunshine!


This week, we have learned all about the lifecycle of a frog.

On Monday, we became super explorers to went on an adventure to the Beacon Country Park. First, we visited a shallow pond. We were split into groups and were each given a net, container, magnifying pots and sieves. We used our nets to go pond dipping! We dipped our nets into the pond to see what wonderful pond life we could find. We fished out lots of pond weed and pond flies but some us of found tadpoles! What super explorers! We used our magnifying glasses to look carefully at what we had discovered, it was very interesting and we loved getting our hands dirty!

Afterwards, we watched our leaders Kirsty and Kerry build a real camp fire out of branches and twigs, it was very exciting!

We were very lucky to have Mr Forsyth, from Year 4, accompany us on our trip. He taught us some songs to sing around the campfire.

We were each given a marshmallow which we put onto the end of a long stick, we took it in turns to sit next to the campfire and toast our marshmallows. When they were toasted we could eat them, some of us had very sticky faces!

Finally, we visited a deep pond and used our nets to go pond dipping.

We had a lovely adventure up the Beacon and were very tired when we got back to school.

We love being explorers!

We have also been mad as a box of frogs in expressive arts!

We have used stamps to print images of frogspawn, tadpoles, froglets and frogs.

We have learned these are stages in the lifecycle of a frog.

Welcome back!


A huge hello and a warm sunny welcome to our Summer Term in Reception.

The children in RT have had a wonderful Easter holiday, we have loved hearing all about their exciting Easter adventures! We are very pleased to have our children back safe and happy in school.

Our focus this term is mini beasts! Our classroom has been over run with creepy critters!

We have had lots of fun exploring the outdoor area and hunting for mini beasts! We decided to capture some of the bugs we found; they tickled our hands when we held them. We chose to put the creatures inside magnifying containers so we could have a closer look, we were fascinated! We looked carefully and learned some bugs have lots of legs whilst some don't have any at all!

We have been very busy in the creative area and enjoyed using junk materials to paint and create models of ladybirds and bumblebees. We also decided to transform lanterns into the Hungry Caterpillar.

Creepy Crawly Man!


On Tuesday, we had a very special visit from the 'Creepy Crawly Man'. He brought some amazing animals to share with us! We were lucky enough to see a real life Madagascan cockroach, scorpion, corn snake, python, gecko, tarantula and terrapin! the tarantula frightened Miss Toole but we were very courageous! It was fascinating to see these creatures in real life; we were even able to stroke some of them. Some of us were also brave enough to hold the animals!

We have had such a wonderful week, filled with the joys of Spring!

Our week has overflowed with exciting Easter celebrations!


On Wednesday, we took part in a whole school Easter bonnet parade. We were so creative! We worked very hard, with our special adults, at home to create some amazing designs! We felt very proud walking along the catwalk and showing off our Easter bonnets.

But we know Easter isn't just about having an exciting visit from the Easter Bunny and eating yummy chocolate eggs.


In our Come and See sessions, we have learned the real story of Easter and thought very carefully about the time of Lent. We know Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross. for us.

We also know that Jesus wants us to live our lives just as He did. We thought about Jesus' kindness, love, care and helpfulness. We thought of ways we could be kind, loving, caring and helpful. We decided to make Lenten promises, we recorded our promise on a leaf and placed them on our Lenten tree to share with each other.

We learned about the symbol of the cross and know why it is important, especially at Easter time. We found the cross shape on hot cross buns, we enjoyed eating them for our special Easter treat!

Some of us even decided to show off all we have learned about The Easter Story in our outdoor area. We decided to use chalks to draw pictures of hot cross buns and the cross.

We learned that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday!

We worked together to create an Easter garden, celebrating the joy of new life in Spring.

We added grass, chicks, eggs, symbols of the crossfresh daffodils and also made some flowers out of tissue paper.

We think our Easter garden looks beautiful.

Miss Toole bought us in a branch. We noticed the branch has no leaves on just like in Winter. We decided to decorate the branch, to give it a new life and welcome it into Spring.

We reflected our kind, helpful, loving and caring actions during Lent. We recorded them on egg shapes and displayed them on our newly decorated branch.

We know that in spring lots of new life appears from eggs. We have also had lots of fun playing with boiled eggs. We built ramps and explored whose egg rolled the furthest.

We found that when our eggs hit something hard, the shell cracks!

We wondered what was inside... We peeled off the shell to find out!

We noticed it was white inside the egg. However, some of us decided to investigate a little bit further and found that deeper inside the egg was yellow. We learned this called 'yolk'.

On Thursday, we were very sad to say "bye-bye" to our ten feathered friends.

We have adored every second we have spent with them and have been truly amazed watching how they have grown and changed in such a short space of time.

However, we couldn't let them go without having one final bit of fun with them.

We decided to build our own chicken coop out of construction blocks and put our chicks inside. We went into our outdoor area and dug up some worms. We dangled the worms into the chicken coop and watched our chicks as they chased the worms. We laughed so much! It was very funny to see!

Goodbye to our special feathered friends: Flossie, Elsa, Pippy, Chicky, Thomas, Jasmine, Daisy, Pat, George and Tony.

We will miss you!


Still image for this video

On Monday, a very special parcel was delivered to our Reception classes.

We wonder what it could be?


Inside, there was an incubator and 10 small eggs.

What is inside?


On Tuesday, we noticed cracks appearing in some of the eggs. Suddenly, small holes appeared too!

What was happening? Who made the holes?


By Tuesday afternoon, two of the eggs began to crack open and out hatched baby chicks!!

It was a magical experience, we were so fascinated to see two precious baby birds come out of such small eggs.


When we arrived at school on Wednesday, we were greeted by 10 very special baby chicks! We absolutely adore these wonderful animals, we feel so lucky to have them in our class. We have spent the whole week caring for our baby birds. We have been so excited observing how they have grown and changed over the week.


On Thursday, we held the chicks for the first time. They felt "fluffy" and "soft". We petted them gently. We love it when we can hear then chirp and cheep.

We were so enthusiastic about having chicks in our class, we have even created them in continuous provision.
We have read the story 'Peely Wally'. We have really enjoyed learning about Peely Wally's small - yes, spotty - yes and absolutely perfect egg. We thought Peely Wally's bright and colourful egg was lovely. In continuous provision, we decided to create Peely Wally eggs of our own.

Double trouble


Our feathered friends have also helped us with our Maths work. This week, we have learned all about doubling. We know doubling means adding the same amount again. We used little chicks to find doubles of numbers up to 10.


I wonder if the number of real life chicks we have will double? We hope so!


We have been overwhelmed by the transformation of eggs into chicks, Miss Toole decided to change our role play area into a 'Transformers' area so we could design and create transformations of our own. We have had lots of fun building transformations of our own using magnetic connecting pieces, duplo and recyclable materials. We love dressing us as our favourite transformers characters whilst we are hard at work!

This week, we have thought about how special our Mummy's are and spoke about all the wonderful things our Mummy's do for us.


We know that this Sunday is a special day, to show our Mummy's just how much we love them. To celebrate Mother's Day, we decided to create and write a Mother's Day card for our lovely Mummies. We learned a brand new skill, weaving! It was quite tricky at first but we soon mastered it. Our cards look beautiful, we hope our Mummy's like them.

We think our Mummy's are so special that they deserve an extra treat; so we decided to bake them some yummy shortbread biscuits. We baked heart shaped biscuits to remind our Mummy's just how much we love them.
We hope our Mummy's have an extra special Mother's Day. We love you!

We have been very kind and helped to raise money in support of Comic Relief.

We dressed in red clothes and invited our families into class to join us for a 'Coffee and Cake' morning.

We enjoyed sharing our morning with our special adults and raised an amazing £60!