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Weekly Newsletter

Martin Mere Wetland Centre


On Friday, our teachers took us on a very special trip to Martin Mere! We were so excited to go on the big, white coach, Alicia said it looked like a "limousine". We had never been to Martin Mere before. 


What will we see?

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely lady called Kirstin; she was our guide for the day. Kirstin told us all about the different birds which live at Martin Mere.
She also taught us about a special type of bird which lives at Martin Mere; this bird is called a flamingo.

We learned how flamingos communicate using their body. We put these actions together to create a flamingo dance! It was so much fun!

We went on a "wild walk". We saw lots of different types of birds; our favourite birds were the flamingos. The flamingos were bright pink! They had long, skinny legs. They walked very close to us; it was very interesting to look at them.

We had lots of fun showing off our super balancing skills when stepping across the stepping stones to cross the river! It was a little bit tricky and one of us ended up with soggy toes!

At dinner time, we enjoyed our yummy school packed lunch. Afterwards, we decided it was time for the birds to have their dinner. We fed lots of different types of birds. They ate bird seed out of our hands!

What a wonderful day!

This week, we have learned all about 3D shapes. We know 3D shapes are "fat" shapes.
First, Miss Toole gave us some 2D shapes; we know 2D shapes are "flat" shapes.
​Miss Toole bought a special magic box to school. Into the magic box, we put a triangle, square, circle and oblong. We used our magic breath to blow up the flat 2D shapes into fat 3D shapes.

Out of the magic box came a pyramid, cube, sphere and oblong! We learned the names of these new shapes.

We had lots of fun choosing 3D shapes out of a mystery bag and sorting them into groups.






We enjoyed showing off all we had learned about 3D shapes when playing 3D shape match and pairs.




On Monday, we arrived to school to a very special letter; it was a letter from Percy the Park Keeper. Percy told us some pesky creatures are sneaking into his park and destroying his plants. Percy sent us some leaves, they had holes in them! He explained the creatures leave shiny, slimy trails.

Percy asked us to help him find out which creatures are destroying his plants and what they look like.


We decided that it is snails who are destroying Percy's plants! 


We went on a hunt for snails in our outdoor area. We learned snails like to live in moist, dark places. We looked in our flower beds and soil.

We collected snails; we wanted to take care of them in class. We created a home for our snails using soil, twigs, leaves and flowers.


We used our senses to explore the snails. We showed off our super duper writing skills and wrote sentences about what the snails look, smell, sound and feel like. We are going to send our writing to Percy the Park Keeper; we hope it helps him!




We noticed snails have a "curly", "circle" shaped shell. We had lots of fun, in continuous provision, using our fingers to make spiral shapes in shaving foam, lentils and flour!

We have also had fun showing off our fine motor skills and coiled wool to create a curly, snail shell.

This week, we have learned about weight. We learned weight  measures how heavy or light something is. Miss Toole taught us how to use a balance pan.
We chose two different objects and placed them in the balance pan; we looked carefully at what happens.

Haydn noticed "the heavy thing goes down to the floor" and Alicia saw "the lightest goes up in the air."


We had lots of fun exploring and comparing the weight of different objects.

We also learned when two objects weigh the same they are balanced.

We explored how many unifix cubes it took to balance lots of different objects; we even practiced balancing our smelly shoes! Miss toole was very impressed with our counting!

On Monday, we arrived in school to something very peculiar... there were beans spilt on our classroom floor and a trail of footprints leading us to jelly in our cloakroom!


I wonder why it is there?

I wonder who they belong to?


We were very confused and wanted to investigate further! We decided to dress up as detectives; we went on a hunt around our school in search for more clues. We recorded our findings. We found: Mouldy cheese, slime, a smelly sock and belly button fluff - urgh!!


We were still very confused... Who do they belong to?

On Tuesday, we found out the clues belonged to...



We read the story 'Monstersaurus'; we loved hearing all about Monty and his inventions!


On Wednesday, Miss Toole took us on a very special trip. We went to The Arts Centre at Edge Hill University to see a theatre performance of Monstersaurus! We were very excited to travel to Edge Hill on the "big white coach". We liked sitting next to our friends and had lots of fun looking out of the windows. Laura saw lots of tractors, Mya told us all about the roads to take to her Nan's house and Kieran enjoyed spotting the different coloured cars.

It was so exciting being inside the theatre! The stage had lots of interesting props on.

The show was amazing! We loved seeing the characters from the book come to life. We really liked Bogablob and Dusty; they made us laugh. Our favourite parts were the singing and dancing; we even got up off our seats to join in!


What a wonderful experience!

We would like to say a big "hello" and "welcome back" to the final part of the summer term.

We cannot believe our first year in school is almost over! Our year in Reception has gone so fast! Miss Toole says she is so proud of our journey and it has been amazing to watch us grow.


We cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead this term...

In Come and See, we been thinking about what it means to be a friend.

We learned Jesus has a special rule for friendship "love each other".

We spoke about what love is and how we can show love to our friends. We learned that friendship is like a circle, the love we share with each other is passed on and goes round and round. To symbolise this, we used salt dough to make friendship rings which we joined together; it was very messy! We enjoyed making friendship bracelets which we gave to our best friend. We also had lots of fun outside, using natural materials to create portraits of the friends we love.

This week, we have caused royal uproar as we have learned all about Queen Elizabeth II, in preparation for her 90th birthday celebrations!


We learned about who Queen Elizabeth II is and where she lives. Louie was very impressed to find out she has lots of houses including a palace and a castle! We know Queen Elizabeth II lives in London; we looked at where London is on a map and talked about how we could travel there. We looked at photographs of famous landmarks in London; we thought "Big Ben" was a very funny name for a clock! We had lots of fun in continuous provision using the building blocks to recreate the famous sites of London.


We learned the Queen has two birthdays! Evelina thinks this is very lucky because "she will get two birthday cakes!" In continuous provision, we enjoyed using the playdoh to make birthday cakes for the Queen. We also tried very hard to design and write birthday cards independently.


We watched a video of her coronation, Alicia said "so looks so beautiful!" We decided to make our own crowns so we can be Kings and Queens too!

Our school hosted a tea party to celebration Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday!

We enjoyed sitting together to eat our delicious party lunch.


Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

This week, a very special visitor came to our class; his name was Chef Jeff!

Chef Jeff came to ask for our help. He needed us to use our super skills to help him cook some 'silly soup'. Chef Jeff's soup is silly because it only includes ingredients which rhyme!

We thought it was very strange cooking up a car and jar, book and duck, pan and a man!

We don't know if it will taste very nice but it did make us giggle.


We decided to have a go at making our own silly soup.

How is honey made?



This week, we have been very interested in exploring a special type of mini beast, bees!

On Tuesday, Miss Toole presented us with a jar of honey; some of us were unsure of what it was. We used our senses to explore it. We thought it "looked brown", "smelt sweet" and "felt sticky like glue". We learned that it was honey!


We learned that bees make honey! We watched a video to show us exactly how it's done.

Bees are very busy mini beasts!


We ate honey on crackers for our snack; it was yummy!



We are enjoying learning about mini beasts so much, we decided to go on a hunt for them!

We have had lots of fun in our new 'mini beast explorers' role play area, dressing up in our explorer costumes and using our magnifying glasses to hunt for mini beasts!

We have recorded all of the mini beasts we found on our checklist.


We know The Very Hungry Caterpillar likes his food and so do we!

So, we decided there is no better way to end our work on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, than to get busy in the kitchen and show off our super chef skills!

We created our very own fruit pots using the fruit eaten by The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We used knives to chop up apples, pears, plums, strawberries and oranges independently; we were very sensible.


Next, we poured natural yogurt on top and mixed our fruit altogether.

Our favourite part was eating our fruit pots; they were delicious... but we were still hungry!


This week, we have started to learn about nursery rhymes. We learned a nursery rhyme is a special type of writing; they are songs or poems. We talked about the nursery rhymes we already know. We also listened to lots of different nursery rhymes. We tried very hard to join in with the familiar parts. 


We learned to sing the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider, it is already one of our favourites! We worked together to put actions to each line in the nursery rhyme.


Still image for this video

We worked in groups and learned new nursery rhymes all about mini beasts.

We worked together to think of actions we could add to each line in our nursery rhyme.

We practiced performing these actions alongside the words.


Each group is going to perform their nursery rhyme to the class next week; we cannot wait to see each others.

This week, we have learned about addition. We know when we add we have more and our numbers are bigger. We learned what the addition sign looks like.

We planned a picnic for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We chose cards to see which fruit to feed him. We put the fruit into a bowl, we counted all of the fruit to find out how much fruit there was altogether. We are trying very hard to write our own addition sums.

The lifecycle of a butterfly



We watched a video which showed us the lifecycle of a butterfly. We know a butterfly starts life as an egg which hatches into a caterpillar. We know the caterpillars grow big and fat, just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We learned that when they have grown, the caterpillar's spin a cocoon. We saw a butterfly come out of the cocoon! We were amazed! We cannot wait until our caterpillar's spin a cocoon. We are so excited to have beautiful butterflies in our class.


We used different shaped pasta and lentils to recreate the lifecycle of a butterfly.


In P.E. we have been very busy practising our ball skills! We are learning to throw and catch. We tried throwing and catching whilst stood still on the spot then we practised throwing and catching our ball whilst moving; it was very tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it! Miss Toole was very proud of us.

We had lots of fun throwing and catching our ball with our friend.

In Come and See, we listened to the story of Pentecost. We learned Jesus sent Holy Spirit, this was good news! We know when the Holy Spirit came there was a 'rushing wind'. We used the wind in our breath to blow bubbles to represent the Holy Spirit.

We showed off our cutting skills and created a windmill to represent the wind of the Holy Spirit.

On Monday, a very special parcel arrived in our class. We opened it and looked inside. We found a container. Inside the container were 5 tiny, fuzzy caterpillars!

We have created a special observation area in our classroom.


Charlie thinks they will go "big and fat!"

Kian suggested the caterpillars will "spin a cocoon".

Daniel said "they will turn into a beautiful butterfly!"


We cannot wait to watch how they grow and change over the next few weeks.

We wonder if our predictions were right? 

We have continued to read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We are enjoying the story so much, we decided to create our own Hungry Caterpillar.

We painted lanterns different shades of green to create the caterpillars body. We painted one lantern red, we will use this for the caterpillar's head.

We are going to display it in our reading area.


Please come back to see what it looks like when it is finished.

We have been very busy in the creative area, making our own Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We painted pasta tubes light green and dark green. We showed off our fine motor skills and threaded the pasta tubes onto string in a pattern.

We attached the face of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to complete the body. We have displayed them in our reading area.

Miss Toole thinks they are amazing!

In Maths, we have continued to learn about length. We learned that we can measure the length of our caterpillars to find out how long or short they are; we used unfix cubes to measure our caterpillars. We learned the longer the caterpillar the more unifix cubes needed to measure it. We also know that shorter caterpillars need less unifix cubes to measure their length.

We have also been very busy exploring size in our outdoor area. We used the construction blocks to build 'tall' and 'short' towers. We also built towers of the 'same size'.

Good News


In Come and See, we are learning about news. We know news is something you tell other people, this might be something you have done or that you are going to do. We brought in things from home to share our good news with our friends.

Lexi - "My sister Ava is having a Holy Communion".

Maisie - "I am going to a wedding".

Achillesz - "My Mum is having a baby."

Evelina - "I was good news when I was a baby."

Natalya - "I am going to Ayden's party."

Enzo - "I am going to Mikey's party".

Ayden - "My Mummy's friend is getting married."

Alicia - "I am going to a party!"

We would like to say a big "hello and welcome back" to school. We can't believe we are in the summer term! We have had such an amazing journey so far and Miss Toole is so proud of every step we have taken. We are looking forward to the adventures which lie ahead of us this term...

This week, we have began to explore the wonderful world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar; it is already one of our favourite stories.


In Maths, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has helped us to learn all about length.

We have learned three very important words 'long', 'short' and the 'same size.'

We used playdoh to create our own caterpillars which were longer, shorter and the same size as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We ordered our caterpillars from longest to shortest, we are so clever!

We have shown off our fine motor skills by threading our own Very Hungry Caterpillars in continuous provision.

We have been getting green fingered in our new garden centre role play area.

We have loved getting our hands mucky in the mud! We have also had lots of fun planting seeds, playing with plant pots, using the telephone to take orders and pushing bouquets of flowers in the wheel barrow.

This week, we have had lots more fun with our feathered friends. We cannot believe how much they have grown! We love getting them out on the carpet and watching them walk around, some of our chicks even tried to fly! We like holding them most of all. The chicks have began to grow real feathers, they feel so soft.

On Friday, we had to say goodbye to our chicks as we sent them to their new homes. It made us feel very sad. Charlie said "I don't want the chicks to go, I will miss them." Miss Toole said it is okay to feel sad because it a sign of how much fun we have had with our chicks and how caring we are. We hope to see them again next year!

We have had lots of fun with eggs in continuous provision. We explored how to build bridges to roll our eggs along and ramps to roll our eggs down!

Miss Toole said we are egg-cellent builders!

We have been busy bunnies creating our Easter cards! We really hope our special adults like them.

On Wednesday, we were visited by the 'Mad Scientists!' They taught us how to make slime!

First we were given PVA glue, we had to mix it lots and lots. Then we chose which colour we wanted our slime to be. Next, we added sodium borate and something very exciting happened, our mixture started to turn gooey! We loved touching our slime; it felt so sticky! What a super experience!

This week we have a spring in our step as we have learned about the wonderful season of Spring.

We learned Spring is a time for growth and new life. We went on a walk to find signs of Spring in nature. We saw flowers beginning to grow, sunshine, birds, feathers and buds.

We have enjoyed exploring Spring during continuous provision. We created eggs in the sand, painted flowers, showed off our super number skills and counted chicks, made chicks with playdoh and played with our small-world farm.

Feathered friends


On Monday, we had a very special delivery; we were given an incubator. Inside the incubator were eggs! We learned that the eggs would hatch into chicks. We have been mesmorised this week, as we have watched the eggs begin to crack during the piping process and were fascinated to see baby chicks hatch!

We are so lucky to have 7 feathered friends join our class. We love getting our chicks out of the brooding box and giving them a cuddle. Alicia said "they are adorable" and Daniel said "they feel soft and fluffy."

Mrs Wilson let two of the chicks walk around on the carpet and one of the chicks pooed! We thought it was very funny.


Please come back next week to see how our chicks are growing.

We know chicks hatch from eggs. We got very messy in the creative area using papier-mache to create our own eggs.


I wonder what we will do with them?

Please come back next week to find out!

We are continuing to learn about subtraction with the help of some eggs! We have learned what the take away symbol looks like. We have subtracted different numbers of eggs from the box and used this to have a go at writing our own subtraction sums!

We are so clever!

We have been learning all about Mother's Day. We know Mother's Day is a very special day to celebrate just how much we love our Mummies and say thank you for everything they do.


We brought photographs of our Mummies into class to share with our friends. We talked about what are Mummy is like, what we do with our Mummy and explained why we loved them.


We decided that this Mother's Day, our Mummy deserved a special treat. We chose to bake some delicious biscuits. We had lots of fun learning to make dough and rolling it out.

We made flower shaped biscuits. We put icing on top and decorated them with different coloured sprinkles. We even had a go at piping our own icing! Our biscuits looked so pretty, we hope our Mummies enjoyed them.

On Thursday, something very peculiar happened... The usual boys and girls didn't arrive in our class. Instead, our class was filled with princesses, superheroes, Jack and the beanstalk, a pirate, Mr Bump and even a cat in a hat! To celebrate World Book Day, we came to school dressed as a character from our favourite story.

A parade was held in the school hall. We were very brave and walked down the catwalk to show our fabulous costumes off to all of our friends.

We have been learning about subtraction, we know subtraction is a very special word which means taking away. We sang "5 little ducks went swimming one day...", we learned that 1 duck was taken away each time. When we took 1 duck away there were less and less ducks!


We used our duck pond small-world area to practice our super subtraction skills! 

We had a go at taking away 1 from numbers up to 15!



In P.E. we have explored balancing. We tried very hard to stay still on different parts of our body. At times we found this a bit tricky; we were so wobbly we felt like jelly! We thought it was very funny balancing on our bottoms.

Shrove Tuesday


This week, we celebrated 'pancake day'. We learned the real name for 'pancake day' is Shrove Tuesday. We know Shrove Tuesday is a special day when we prepare for Lent.


We learned, in the past, people gave up eggs and milk for Lent.


To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we decided to become super chefs and make our own pancakes! We mixed together 1 egg, 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of milk and cooked it on the hob. We thought it was really funny when Miss Toole flipped the pancakes in the pan.


We covered our pancakes in yummy chocolate sauce before we ate them; they were so delicious we wanted more!

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year!

We listened to the story of Chinese New Year; we didn't like the rat. Kian said the rat was a "cheater" and Ayden said the rat was "nasty because he pushed the cat off the ox's back". We enjoyed using the small world figures to re-tell the story.

We had lots of fun playing with Chinese themed activities in continuous provision.

We showed off our fabulous fine motor skills. We used tweezers to see how many noodles we could collect, to fill our takeaway cartons, in one minute!

We learned that during Chinese New Year, money wallets are given as gifts. The money wallets are red because red is a lucky colour in China. We chose a number from the number pot and filled our money wallet with the corresponding number of pennies.

We were very interested in Chinese writing! We liked having a go at writing the names of the animals from the story of Chinese New Year, in Chinese, in our mark making area.

Miss Toole put noodles in our water basin! We loved how they felt in the water. We enjoyed rolling them, pouring them in and out of jugs and pushing them through the watermill.

We know lanterns are hanged as part of Chinese New Year celebrations. We created our own Chinese lantern. We are going to hang them up at home. We hope they bring us good luck!

No celebrations would be complete without food! We shared our favourite foods:

"My favourite food is chicken" - Charlie

"I like bananas" - Achillesz

"My favourite is chocolate cake" - Enzo

We talked about some of the food eaten in China. We decided to taste Chinese food.

We ate noodles, prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce, we thought the sweet chilli sauce was very hot! We needed a drink of water afterwards! The noodles were our favourite.

Dreadful dragon, dreadful dragon,

Breathing fire, breathing fire,

Happy, happy new year,

Happy, happy new year,

K Fat Choy!


We know dragons are a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

We learned a song about a dragon! We explored the sounds of different instruments and added them to each line of the song.


Still image for this video



"If I were a butterfly..." 


This week we have learned about hymns. We know a hymn is a special type of song we sing to God. We learned to sing a hymn called 'If I were a butterfly ', it is already one of our favourites. We are going to perform this hymn, at mass, next Tuesday.

Miss Toole was so impressed with how quickly we learned the words! We also added actions to the words in the hymn. One of our favourite lines is "if I were a kangaroo, you know I'd hop right up to you" because we have lots of fun bouncing around like kangaroos!


We decided to show off our super duper creative skills and make some head-dresses to wear during our performance. We each chose an animal from the hymn. We worked very hard, using paper plates, card, paint and foil to create our head-dresses.


Miss Toole said our head-dresses are so amazing she thought our class had turned into a zoo! We cannot wait to wear them!

In Come and See, we have learned the story of 'Jesus in the temple'. We watched and listened to Miss Toole, as she used Godly-play to tell the story. We learned the word 'temple', we know it is an important word. We also learned about lots of special people: Simeon, Anna, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.


We used the small-world figures to retell the story. We could remember lots of details.

Last Friday, Kian saw a rainbow in the sky; he was very excited. Charlie said "rainbows make him feel happy". We were very intrigued by the rainbow and wanted to find out more so this week, we have been learning all about rainbow