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What we are learning in the Summer Term

We had such a fantastic trip to Blackpool Zoo on Friday. We saw many of the amazing animals that we have been talking about in our 'Come and See' topic 'Our World'. It was so exciting to see them close up! We saw huge elephants, tall giraffes, swinging monkeys, swimming sealions, colourful peacocks, stripey tigers, fierce lions, a cute lion cub, some very funny penguins and many more!

Our teachers thought we were so interested and our behaviour was so good that we were all Stars of the Day!


This week all our work and play has been linked to our Come and See topic Our World. We have talked about God's wonderful world and all the amazing gifts in it. We had to think about what we love about our world and what we think is wonderful. We came up with some great ideas - jellyfish, sharks, zebras, crabs, our families - to name but a few. Then we talked about all that we wonder about our beautiful world. This was a bit trickier, but we found it easier when we started our questions with 'why?' or 'how?'.


'Why are some flowers blue and some are yellow?'

'Why do we look different?'

'Why is our hair different?'

'How does lava get in volcanoes?'

'Why are my eyes blue?'


Wow, what amazing questions! We have put all our great thoughts, questions and ideas on our  Wonder Wall.

We looked at a wonderful book and learned that God knows everything - even how many hairs we have on our head and how many freckles on our face! Wow, that really is amazing!




We looked at a slideshow story from the Bible about how God made our amazing world. After six days God needed a rest and he said,


'Indeed it is very good!'


 We are making a huge collage of our beautiful world full of all the wonderful plants, creatures and people that are in it.


We must take care of our world and share it with others because God said,

'Take care of my world!'




Wonderful World

Still image for this video

Our super mini-athletes on Sports Day

'Jambo' everyone!

This week we have linked all our activities to our whole school Africa Week. We have found Africa on the globe and have learned that it is a large continent made up of fifty-four countries. We know that to get there we would need to go by aeroplane or boat as it is almost completely surrounded by the sea.  We have also talked about the wonderful animals that can be found in Africa.


Banana and Coconut Cake from Tunisia


We made a traditional banana and coconut cake from Tunisia. We found Tunisia on the map of Africa in an atlas.  Tunisia is in north Africa. In Literacy this week we have sequenced four pictures of us making this cake, then we wrote a sentence or caption under each picture.  Our teachers think our writing is AMAZING now that we are nearly Year 1 children!

The cake was so easy to make:

  • cut bananas in half (we have also been halving and sharing numbers this week) and put them in a dish;

  • put butter on top and drizzle orange juice on too;

  • sprinkle with brown sugar and coconut;

  • bake in the oven until golden.

  • EAT and ENJOY! smiley




Our friends Ron and Sue came into our class to talk to us about Tanzania.  They have raised lots of money to build a school for children there.  The school is near the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.  They showed us some very special jewellery that had been made there.  We thought it looked like it was made from shells, but it was made from paper!  Some of us dressed up in traditional Tanzanian costumes.  The patterned fabrics were so bright and beautiful. They taught us an African song with some actions.


Halving and Sharing

In Numeracy we have been learning about halving and sharing. We shared different amounts of bananas between two monkeys.  We had to share them fairly so remembered to say 'One for you and one for you' as we shared them out.

A Dance from Senegal

We have also learned a traditional dance from Senegal that is danced at parties.  It is very different to YMCA but just as lively! It is a happy dance so we had to smile a lot as we bent our knees and bounced forwards and backwards.

Bash The Trash

Still image for this video
We used trash to play rhythms along to music.

Macmillan Dress Up and Dance Day

All the Reception children and staff dressed up as either a policeman, builder, sailor, cowboy, Native American or biker. We rehearsed a simple routine with some wiggles, shimmies and steps and boogied to YMCA.  Wow! The children were fantastic! They were so brave performing on the stage in front of the whole school. We are so proud of them. They all enjoyed the event so much and asked if they could do it again! So, look out for an invitation to a special repeat performance for families.smiley

SFoA raised £180 for Macmillan!

Thank you so much for your support!

Our super 'Dress up and Dance' YMCA costumes.


YMCA clip. 

Please visit the 'Gallery' section of our website for more photographs.


Still image for this video

We have made some wonderful Father's Day cards.

We linked this to our 'Come and See' topic - Friends - by talking about how and why our dads are our best friends. The children wrote some lovely messages.

The cards are all their own work and made with love! We hope you love them!

Have a happy day, dads!

This week we received a special video message from Percy the Park Keeper!  Yes, we REALLY did!  In his message Percy explained that creatures are coming into his park during the night and eating his plants.  Percy showed us one of those plants and it was full of holes! He said the creatures don't leave any footprints but he has noticed lots of silvery, slimy trails.  Percy looked a little sad and confused because he loves his beautiful gardens, but just can't think what sort of creatures they could be. 

Percy asked us if we could help him identify the creatures and then describe what they look like. Percy loves all creatures as well as plants, so he said he wouldn't harm them, but put them in a special part of his park.

We already know that we are great detectives because we have solved many challenges while we have been in Reception. We all talked about Percy's problem and very quickly decided that the creatures must be SNAILS!

We now have some new class pets - snails. Mrs Moyster found them in her garden.  They have been eating her plants as well! We have used almost all our senses to observe the snails and have even picked them up and held them upside down (they don't drop). We think they are fascinating little creatures and have written some super duper words, phrases and sentences to describe them. Here are some of them:

  • one soft foot

  • hard solid shell

  • silvery slimy trail

  • curly shell

  • bubbles in the trail

  • eyes at the end of the antennae

Our teachers have been AMAZED at our wonderful descriptions and how we have tried to spell some very tricky words. Especially as we are only four and five years old!


Next week we are going to send a video message back to Percy telling him all we have discovered.


 Fun Observing Snails

Den Building at The Beacon

This week we have been learning about what shelters are for and talking about lots of different sorts of shelters.  We all agreed that the best shelters have walls and a roof to protect us from such things as 'rain', 'snow', 'hailstones', 'the wind', 'robbers' and even 'wolves'!

Now that we have learned this, we went to The Beacon to make our own shelters.  We had a very exciting day.

We met Kirsty and Kerry and we talked about the different materials in the woods that would make good dens - sticks, logs, short twigs, long branches, leaves and bracken.  We then set to work in our teams and were so busy all morning making our super duper dens.  Kirsty and Kerry were amazed at our fantastic den-making skills.  Our teachers thought we worked very hard with great focus, ideas and teamwork. They were also very proud of us because we were so well-behaved.

So excited!
Waiting to meet Kirsty and Kerry.
Entering through the magic blue gate!
Off to work we go!

After our picnic lunch we put the finishing touches to our dens, then played in them for a while.  How exciting!  Some of us wanted to stay and sleep in them!

Later we hunted for minibeasts.  We knew the best places to look and found lots and lots - worms, slugs, snails, beetles, millipedes, centipedes and wood lice.  As we have been learning about minibeasts we were able to tell Kirsty and Kerry some of the interesting facts we now know.

Some of us tried a new way of making a picture. We went to the meadow to pick some small plants such as buttercups, clover and grasses. It was such fun running through the tall grass! When we took them back to the den-making area, we arranged them inside a small piece of white cloth then used a real hammer to squash them.  We were very careful and concentrated when tapping the cloth, taking care not to catch our fingers.  When we opened the cloth, hey presto, the plants had left a print on it making a beautiful picture! Kirsty was very impressed because we knew we had made a symmetrical pattern.

Very carefully - tap! tap! tap!
Wow! A wonderful symmetrical pattern!
We used charcoal to draw a butterfyl shape.

We ended our visit by toasting marsh mallows and chocolate chip buns on the campfire. Delicious!

What a wonderful trip! Perfect! A big, ginormous thank you to Kirsty and Kerry. We learned lots of new skills and even the weather was sunny all day!  


The whole school took part in making shelters. We used recycled materials such as cardboard and twigs from our den building day at the Beacon. It was a super afternoon and our dens looked fantastic. We were very proud of our children as they worked together and shared all of the resources. Excellent teamwork!

Dog's Trust

This week a lady visited our school with her pet dog called Danny. She taught us how to behave safely around strange dogs and how to look after our own dogs.

Our Beautiful Butterflies

Finally, our butterflies have emerged out of their cocoons. We decided that it was time to set them free. We were happy to release them but also felt a little sad as we have watched them grow and develop from tiny caterpillars, into cocoons and change into beautiful butterflies.


1, 2, 3, go!


This week we have been measuring time.  We looked at a real clock and learned some new words - clockface, long hand and short hand.  Then we looked at the different coloured sand timers - one minute, two minute, three minute and five minute.

We used the one minute sand timer to clap for a whole minute, jump for one minute (we were very tired afterwards), then the two minute sand timer to try to be silent for two minutes (that was very hard to do!).

In our groups we

  • used the sand timers to make some models;

  • estimated how many bricks we had used;

  • counted them to check;

  • we talked about who had used the most and the fewest bricks.

Then we made two, three and five minute patterns.

We really enjoyed both activities and made some super duper models and patterns.

Our Super Duper Models

One, three and five minute models.


Symmetrical patterns we made using a 5 minute sand timer.

Our Super Duper Patterns

Two, three and five minute patterns


We had a surprise visitor in class this week - Celebrity Chef Steph.  Some of the children actually thought it was Mrs Wilson dressed up! We can't think why they would think that!

Chef Steph came to help us make some special soup - Silly Soup. She told us that we can only use ingredients in our soup that rhyme. So we helped her by choosing pen and ten, log and frog, fish and dish. We now know that rhyming words are words that sound nearly the same.

We discovered we are very good at rhyming, so we each made our own silly soup. Please come in and look at our soup in our amazing Learning Journeys.

Silly Soup rhyming words

Keira loves silly soup.
Joey picked his ingredients.
Maisie enjoyed writing her rhyming words.
"Log and frog" rhyme.
"Dish and fish" sound the same.
"I love this soup".

Counting in twos


Children at the school gate,

If we're late,

Please don't wait.


This week we learned a silly rhyme to help us to remember how to count in twos. We used our class numberline to help us too.

Mrs Moyster had lots and lots of pennies in her piggy bank, so we used our new skill to count them for her.

Some children learned how to count in tens.  They had lots and lots and lots of pennies and used a number square to help them count their pennies.

Mrs Moyster was so pleased with us!

Silly Soup rhyming words.

Keira loves silly soup
Joey chooses his pictures.
Joey wrote fantastic rhyming strings.
Lillia enjoyed writing rhyming strings.
Maisie was very proud of her rhyming strings.
Keira loves to make up rhyming strings.
"Log and frog rhyme". Well Done!
Ella knew "fish and dish" rhyme. Fantastic!
Kayne said "truck and duck" sound the same.
"I like my silly soup".

This week we have continued our minibeast topic by looking at worms.  We have used the trowels and spades to dig for worms outside in the flower beds and on the field.  In class we made a home for them called a wormery by placing layers of sand and soil in a see-through container. Worms like moist soil best so we watered it.  We saved some of the rind from our tangerines at snacktime and placed it on top. Perhaps the worms like to eat tangerines too.  We are going to look at the wormery everyday to observe any changes.

Above the sparkling pond water,

 Their tiny heads poke out,

And on lily pads all over,

The frogs hop about!

This week, we have learned all about the lifecycle of a frog.

On Monday, we became super explorers to went on an adventure to the Beacon Country Park. First, we visited a shallow pond. We were split into groups and were each given a net, container, magnifying pots and sieves. We used our nets to go pond dipping! We dipped our nets into the pond to see what wonderful pond life we could find. We fished out lots of pond weed and pond flies but some us of found tadpoles! What super explorers! We used our magnifying glasses to look carefully at what we had discovered, it was very interesting and we loved getting our hands dirty!

Afterwards, we watched our leaders Kirsty and Kerry build a real camp fire out of branches and twigs, it was very exciting!

We were very lucky to have Mr Forsyth, from Year 4, accompany us on our trip. He taught us some songs to sing around the campfire.

We were each given a marshmallow which we put onto the end of a long stick, we took it in turns to sit next to the campfire and toast our marshmallows. When they were toasted we could eat them, some of us had very sticky faces!

Finally, we visited a deep pond and used our nets to go pond dipping.

We had a lovely adventure up the Beacon and were very tired when we got back to school.

We love being explorers!

Summer Term

Welcome back to school everyone!  We were very happy to see everyone back safe and sound.smiley smiley We can hardly believe that we are now starting our final term in Reception cool cool . We are all enjoying our first full year so much that the time is just whizzing by!

Our first week back has been so exciting. Stephen, the Creepy Crawly Man, came to our classroom and brought some of his very unusual friends (see below)!  We are going to be learning a lot about minibeasts this first half term, although Stephen's were Megabeasts!! We now want to learn so much




Creepy Crawly Man!


On Tuesday, we had a very special visit from the 'Creepy Crawly Man'. He brought some amazing animals to share with us! We were lucky enough to see a real life Madagascan cockroach, scorpion, corn snake, python, gecko, tarantula and terrapin! The tarantula frightened Miss Toole but we were very courageous! It was fascinating to see these creatures in real life; we were even able to stroke some of them. Some of us were also brave enough to hold the animals!

Mini-Beast Hunt

We looked at what mini-beasts we may find.
Adam thought he saw a bee.
We looked under the logs and found a spider.
William found a wood louse under the plant pots.
Harry found a millipede.
We found a bee.

Observational drawings and sculptures

Alexie drawing a bee.
Lucas, Alexie and Chloe drawing a bee.
Adam drew a spider. It even has eight legs.
Harry made these sticks look like his millipede.
Callan drew lots and lots of legs on his millipede
Harry's millipede
Chloe's woodlouse
Alexie made a bee.
Adam made a bee.

See how our chicks have grown

Still image for this video
We have been watching our chicks grow day by day. Now they have wings and can fly. We have dug up worms from our garden and fed them to to chicks.

We have been watching our eggs hatch into beautiful chicks.

Still image for this video


We have had so much excitement in Reception this week!  Ten eggs and an incubator were delivered on Monday. The children wondered what was going to happen.

First of all a tiny hole appeared in one of the eggs and it started to rock!  If we listened very carefully we could hear a feint 'cheep'.  The tiny crack became bigger and bigger until by the end of Monday afternoon one chick hatched out of an egg!  Amazing! The children were beside themselves with excitement (and so were the staff)!  What a wonderful experience to witness new life first hand! The chicks continued to hatch after we had all gone home.  What a surprise on Tuesday morning when we had ten beautiful fluffy chicks! Our teachers lifted them out of the incubator and placed them in the brooder. We were so excited and couldn't wait to hold the baby chicks. We were very careful and gentle.  They felt so soft and fluffy.

We think four chicks are female and six are male.  We have named them Elsa, Flossie, Pippy, Chicky, Thomas, Jasmine, Daisy, Pat, George and Tony.


Today our classroom was St Francis of Assisi Church as we role-played part of the Mass. We all gathered and sang a hymn as the priest, Father Harry and altar servers Lexi and Reinis processed down the aisle to the altar. On the altar we placed candles, a cross and a Bible on the lectern

Father Harry said 'The Lord be with you' and we all replied 'and with your Spirit'.

We practised for the first time yesterday and our teachers were amazed about all we remembered (even the special words in blue above).


Still image for this video

Thank you for helping EYFS raise a super duper £100 at our

Cake and Coffee Morning.


In Come and See we have been talking about all the things that we do together in school.  We make music together, sing songs together and have such a lot of fun playing circle games together.  In PE this week we played team games together and were really excited when together we played parachute games. We decided that some of these activities can't be done by ourselves and it's much more fun playing together.

Symmetry work

World Book Day

Still image for this video
We had a fantastic time showing the whole school our costumes. Don't we look amazing!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We listened to a traditional Chinese story telling why Chinese New Year is always named after an animal.  We learned that twelve animals had a race and the winner would have the new year named after it.  The rat cheated and was first, the ox was second, tiger third, rabbit fourth, dragon fifth, snake sixth, horse seventh, goat eighth, monkey ninth, rooster tenth, dog eleventh and finally the pig was last!


We have been listening to Chinese music and watching numerous dragon dances on the interactive white board. We showed the whole school our catwalk dragon dance during 'World Book Day.'


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We loved making Chinese music using the percussion instruments.   


We made some wonderful Chinese lanterns. 

1st. We decorated an oblong-shaped piece of paper with a repeating pattern and Chinese writing.  We used red, gold and yellow which are the colours associated with Chinese New Year,

2nd. We folded the paper in half and very carefully cut some slits.

3rd. We curved the oblong to make a cylinder and glued this in place. (We have been learning about cylinders this week)

4th. We glued a handle on our lantern.


Our teachers think we are super duper at cutting and sticking!



"Run, run as fast as you can!

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"


This week we have continued to look at traditional tales by reading 'The Gingerbread Man'. We noticed that some of the phrases are repeated so we had great fun reading the story together.  

We talked about the characters and the story settings.  In this version of the story there were six characters - the Old Man, the Old Woman, the Gingerbread Man, the Cow, the Horse and the Fox.  There were four main settings - the kitchen, the path, the field and the river.

In groups we role-played the story using simple props. We had so much fun and now we know the story really well. We remembered the characters, settings and all our lines! Wow! Our teachers think we are super duper actors!

Making a split pin Gingerbread Man


Firstly, we mixed red and yellow paint to make an orange colour and then added touches of blue paint to make a brownish colour. We used a thick brush and rollers to add our brown paint onto a piece of paper. We noticed that the more blue we added then the darker the brown became. "It looks like a burnt Gingerbread Man," Chloe said. What fantastic observation!

Next, we stuck the brown painting onto a Gingerbread Man split pin template. We cut around the body parts carefully and put split pins through the joints in order to make them move.

Finally, we added details such as eyes and buttons using a fine brush and coloured paints. We made our Gingerbread Man move. We had such fun!!!!

Detective work

We came into school this week very surprised to find objects left both inside and outside. We decided to help Mr Naylor to find out who had left them. The clues were a broken chair, a bowl of porridgea blanket, a green ribbon and a lock of hair, and some footprints and a shoe. We used our fantastic imagination and detective skills to discuss who could have left these clues. Some thought baby bear, daddy bear and even Goldilocks. We recorded our ideas on our sheet adding a picture or descriptive words to describe what they saw. Some of our descriptive words were slippery,  shiny,  green,  long,  colourful etc. 

 We really enjoyed ourselves!


Who left these clues?

Still image for this video
The children followed the clues to find out who had left them.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week, we have made our own musical instruments using recycled milk cartons. We filled them with milk bottle tops, pasta, lentils and rice. We shook our instrument and described the sound they could hear. Joey thought that he could hear the “rain on the window,” (pitter, patter).  We used collage materials to decorate our instruments. 


We focused on the musical elements loud and quiet. Mrs Sharples acted as a conductor. When her hands were low the children tried to make a quiet sound by shaking or tapping their instruments. As she raised her hands the sound gradually increased, crescendo, and when she lowered her hands the sound gradually decreased, diminuendo. The children were fantastic musicians!


We used our instruments to add music to our story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was fun making a Loud sound like Daddy Bear, a medium sound like Mummy Bear, and a quiet sound like Baby Bear.


We hope that you will enjoy our video and see what fun we had!


Listen to our loud/quiet music.

Still image for this video
We have made our own instruments. We have made quiet sounds like baby bear, medium sounds like mother bear, and loud sounds like daddy bear.

Our Fun Christmas Numeracy Trail


Still image for this video
Our Fun Christmas Numeracy Trail

Our Secret Trip to See

Father Christmas


Still image for this video


Elton the Elf

After we had all gone home last night we had a little visitor in our classroom.

He left a letter for us in our storycastle.  He explained that he is a friendly little elf called Elton who helps Father Christmas in his workshop. Father Christmas asked him to check if we had all been good boys and girls.

We think he likes our classroom and we hope he comes to visit us again.

We'll see....


Still image for this video


Elton has visited us again! This time he went into Santa's Workshop.

Take a look at the video clip.


Still image for this video


Well, would you believe it?  We had another visitor today.  Elton sent his friend. We don't know her name so we've called her Elsa.

Elsa left us a box full of sweets.  The elves are very kind! Our teachers think we should write thank you notes next week.


Still image for this video


Elton and Elsa brought another elf friend today.  We have named him Elmer. We think the elves are so funny!  We laughed and laughed when we saw them peeping round the door.


Still image for this video


Elton, Elsa's and Elmer dropped into class today! Take a look.


Still image for this video


This week we have been learning about Advent.  We have learned that Advent is the time before Christmas when we are getting ready for Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day.

We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas in the Reception classes.

We have:

  • made a really big Rudolf Advent Calendar;
  • made decorations for the roleplay area and hung our stockings from the fireplace;
  • decorated our Christmas tree;
  • made an Advent Wreath decoration for the big Christmas tree in our school hall;
  • set up our beautiful Nativity crib.

Please come in and take a look at them.

...and we are getting ready to show you our Nativity Concert.  We are so excited and our teachers think you are going to be so proud of us!

Advent Wreath

The Reception children at St Francis of Assisi have always made the Advent Wreath for our school. We really enjoyed making this year's ready for the first Sunday of Advent.

We have learned so much about Advent already:

  • We have learned that the Advent Wreath is always made in the shape of a circle.  Like a circle, God's love for us has no beginning and no end.
  • The leaves we used are evergreens which reminds us that God will love us forever.
  • We used four candles, three purple and one pink. We will light them each week in this order

Advent week 1 - one purple candle

Advent week 2 - two purple candles

Advent week 3 - two purple and one pink

Advent week 4 - three purple and one pink

On Christmas Day a white candle is also lit.




Still image for this video

Our activities this week have continued to centre on the children's interest in 'Frozen'.

In Numeracy the children have enjoyed ordering pictures of Olaf from short to tall, then measure how tall each Olaf was using cubes.

Will the reception children follow the clues and find Olaf's prize?

Still image for this video
The children were very excited when they received another letter from Olaf. He sent them some thank you gifts for helping him last week, but he hid them in the outdoor area! The clues that would lead them to the gifts were hidden inside some ice balloons. The children's challenge was how to get the clues out of the ice balloons. We wrapped the ice balloons in different materials and found that the ice thawed.
We then had all the clues to find Olaf's prize.

We love to be given challenges and we are becoming so good at working out the answers! We have such fun learning in Reception!


                                                                          We have talked about how we welcome a new baby into our families and how we are welcomed into God's family at Holy Baptism. We took one of our class baby dolls to St Francis of Assisi Church to be baptised.  Some of the children pretended to be the priest, parents and godparents as we role-played a baptism.  Sr Eileen allowed us to use the real font