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Reception Class!


'Happy New Year'

We have been learning about Chinese new year. We have learned that there are some similarities between how we celebrate our own new year and how people celebrate Chinese new year; we all like to gather with our families, we like to wear special clothes and we all say happy new year to one another. We also learned that there are lots of differences between our celebrations. During Chinese new year, people like to wear red, decorate their houses with red decorations and give red money envelopes. Red is a sign of luck. Chinese new year is also celebrated with dragon and lion dancing. 


During our learning, we tasted some delicious Chinese food, we created a Chinese band and we also copied a lion dance. We paraded our lion around the classroom as the band played their music! We also had lots of discussions about our learning and thought about our own new year celebrations. Chinese new year was also part of our

Come and See work. 

Christmas dinner day!

Thank you to Hayley and her wonderful kitchen elves for making us a delicious Christmas dinner. We made our own Christmas place mats and special Christmas hats to make our Christmas dinnertime even more magical.

Our tummies are FULL! 

EYFS autumn welly walk! 

What a wonderful morning we had! Our three classes in EYFS joined together to take part in an autumn welly walk! We wrapped up, threw on our wellies and off we went to explore our wonderful outdoors. We saw lots of signs of autumn: we noticed leaves on the ground; we found leaves that had changed colour and we could feel the temperature had become cooler. We loved spotting signs of autumn and most of all, we enjoyed spending time together blush

Hello everyone! 

We are so very excited to welcome our new Reception Class to

St Francis of Assisi. We're happy to report that after just a few days, our children are settling in beautifully and getting used to their new routines. We have been enjoying listening to stories together, talking about our families, playing with lots of new resources, and going to the hall...

for the all important time of day, LUNCH TIME!