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I hope you have been reading as much as you can and using Phonic Bug and Phonics Play to help you with your phonics learning.  It is really important to keep practising using and applying what we have been learning in school.  


Here is a link to Mr Thorne via YouTube- it's great fun so have a go!

Please take care and stay safe when accessing resources online.

Please log in to your Phonic Bug account (active learn website) to read every day. 

Remember, the more you read the more coins you earn!

Your child's login info is in their purple books.

You can now access Phonics Play for free! 

Follow the link below.


Username: march20

Password: home

Use these posters to help you!

Write down as many words as you can with the following sounds

Write down as many words with the  'ai' 'ay' 'a_e' sound in them.

ai ay a_e phoneme spotter

Write down as many words with the 'igh'  'ie'  'i_e'  'y' sound as you can.

igh ie i_e y phoneme spotter