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It is very important to maintain a good level of fitness. WLSP have put together lots of great lessons and challenges. Here are the links. 

Oliver coaches challenge

Coaches challange

4minute jump challange for yr4,5,6. Jack, Squats, Skater jumps, Switch jumps.

WLSP- Striking and fielding- Jordan- Year 3/4

WLSP Invasion games Y3/4 week 14

WLSP Miss Rimmer Year 3&4 Gymnastics Week 14

WLSP Emily Athletics Week 13 Year 34 Running

WLSP Emma dance Y3/4 lesson 2

Sadly we will not be able to have a sports day this year, however, WLSP have put together a great challenge for you to try. Let us know how you get on. 

WLSP- Jordan- Striking and fielding- Year 3/4- lesson 10

WLSP Miss Valentine Y3/4 Invasion week 13

WLSP Miss Rimmer Year 3/4 Gymnastics Week 13

WLSP Athletics with Mrs Brookwell Year 3 and 4 Week 12

WLSP Emma dance y3/4 lesson 1

Egg and spoon: coaches challenge.

WLSP Miss Rimmer Gymnastics Week 11 yr 3/4

WLSP- Striking and fielding-Jordan-Year 3/4

WLSP Athletics with Mrs Brookwell - Year 3 and 4 Week 10

WLSP Invasion Games Y3/4 week 11

WLSP DANCE - MISS MURRAY - Year 3/4 Uptown Funk

WLSP DANCE - Miss Murray - Year 3/4 Blinding Lights

TikTok challenge with Miss Murray

Marathon Challenge


Keep up with the Daily Mile and try WLSP's marathon challenge- don't worry you don't have to do it all in one go! They recommend no more than 2 miles a day and you can run it anywhere. The map and chart below mean you can track your progress around West Lancashire. You can run near your home, you don't have to follow the map. Remember to take care in the heat, take water with you and wear sunscreen.  

Gymnastics challenge


WLSP have a virtual gymnastics competition. Click on the links below to find out more. 

Gymnastics Intro

Still image for this video

WLSP Miss Valentine - Invasion Y3/4 Lesson 8

Try Miss Valentine's challenge!

The Spar Lancashire School Games is a partnership between the Lancashire School Games Organiser Network (SGO’s), Active Lancashire and SPAR (sponsors).


During this time Lancashire SGO’s have developed a programme of activities and a hub of resources for young people to:


 Remain active and Move

 Access challenges to do individually or as a family

 Enjoy being active through play

 Learn new skills 


This link will be updated on a weekly basis, setting new challenges to complete during this time. 

Remember to keep going with your Daily Mile, it's a great way to explore new areas where you live. They are adding different challenges each week so keep checking this link. 

Here are some PE challenges to attempt this week set by the West Lancs team. Why not try a different one each day? See how much improvement you can make, and record your scores on the challenge passport. Remember to bring it into school when you come back then we can celebrate your achievements.  

WLSP Julie Throw and Catch

WLSP Chris Reaction Time

WLSP Rich Wall Tennis

The first of Mr Cook's challenges

WLSP Rich Wall Tennis 2

WLSP Rich Wall Tennis 3

WLSP Rich Wall Tennis 4

The final challenge from Mr Cook

Dame Darcey Bussell (DDMIX) is live streaming 10 minute shake up sessions on Facebook live at 1:30pm every day. 


There are resources here and a sample lesson plan 

Joe Wicks is providing home PE lessons on a daily basis.


Here are the first two (external link to YouTube):