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I hope you are all well and keeping safe. 


This week we have read a story called The Colour Monster - this story can be found on You Tube. We then discussed our feelings e.g. confused, happy, sad, anger and loved. The children then made their own monster using card, tissue paper, googley eyes, feathers etc. 


I have attached a picture of a monster for your child to decorate once they have discussed how they are feeling with you. 


We have spent a lot of time discussing what makes us happy. It was lovely to hear stories of how mummies cuddles make us feel safe and happy. Other children said playing with their special friends made them happy. 


Ask your child what makes them happy and encourage them to draw/paint/collage their pictures of their happy places. 


Take care! 


Mrs Dandy XX

Hello everyone! 


I hope you are all well.


I have attached some activities below. 


Take care & stay safe. 


Mrs Dandy XX






Our children are little heros too.


Missing their grandparents, extended family, friends & school.


Lack of normal routines. Loss of structure to their day. 


Parents who are stressed, worried scared or just different!


Overhearing talk & news without an understanding of what they hear. 


Give your little superhero an extra does of cuddles, more one on one play time and an extra dose of patience & forgiveness, 




Hello everybody!


Hope you are all well, staying safe and had a lovely half term in the gorgeous sunshine. 


I have attached a counting game and an experiment. This fun experiment is all to do with washing hands. 


We have been looking after caterpillars in school watching them grow. Please share The Hungry Caterpillar story with your child and discuss each part of the story. If you do not have access to the book the video can be found on You Tube. Enjoy counting the pictures of fruit. I have attached pictures of the story which can be ordered and talked about.


Take care & stay safe.


Mrs Dandy. XX






Hello everybody!

Hope you are all well and keeping safe together. 


Being a parent myself I understand it can be hard to juggle home school learning and work.


The main activities which will really help your child are: 

  • practice writing their name
  • read together
  • play together
  • have conversations with each other
  • scissor cutting
  • number recognition
  • formation of numbers​​​​​


I have attached some more cutting skills activities. 



Take care!


Mrs Dandy XX





Hello everybody! 


Hope you are all well and staying safe at home with your families. 


I challenge you to go on a colour hunt with your family and group the objects you find. 

1. How many red objects did you find?

2. How many green objects did you find?

3. How many yellow objects did you find?

4. How many blue objects did you find?

5. How many orange objects did you find?


It would be lovely if you could take pictures of your child completing this challenge and email them into school for us to see. 


Take care & stay safe!


Mrs Dandy. XX



scissor cutting workbook

Hello everyone.


Hope you are keeping well and staying safe with your families. 


I have attached a document for the nursery rhyme 5 speckled frogs. This can be printed off so your child can act out the nursery rhyme with you. Please enjoy singing this song together. Enjoy singing lots of nursery rhymes together!


I have also attached some fun activities for you and your child to enjoy together. 


Stay safe!


Mrs Dandy. XX





5 Little Speckled Frogs

Hello everyone!


It seems very surreal to be communicating with you via the internet and not face to face each day.

I hope within this difficult time you will enjoy visiting our class page with your special children for fun, creative, and nurturing activities to enjoy together.


Please practice learning to write your child's name, their colours and numbers as much as possible. All your support now will really help them in the future! 


If your child will still be in Nursery in September please enjoy completing the activities in your packs such as scissor cutting and learning to hold a pencil to trace over dotted lines etc.


If you haven't received your pack due to your child being absent from school please get in contact. You are more than welcome to collect your pack during the week from the office. 



Calling all little artists ...


NHS Nightingale would really like your help to decorate the new hospital with bright & beautiful drawings made by children. 


Enjoy spending time with your child and create a cheerful picture together. Drawings need to be A4 so they can be laminated at the hospital. 


PLEASE send your creations to the following address:

Rainbows for Nightingale 

59 Sutherland Grove


SW18 5QP

OR EMAIL your drawings to the following address:


I have two children (one aged 10 and one aged 2). Both children loved this activity and produced amazing art work! 


Every child is an artist!



Take care and stay safe with your families.


Many thanks for your support and we miss you all!


Mrs Dandy. X