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What's the time Reception?

Telling the time starts really early in early years. Using time language such as 

later, soon, after, before, lunch time, home time, yesterday, tomorrow, today

is all part of the learning process. As we learn more about time in Reception Class, we learn how to tell the time! We learn about:

* different types of clocks - clocks with hands (analogue) and just number clocks (digital)

* what they look like

* where we might find different clocks

* why we need to know the time


In Reception, we focus our learning on analogue clocks. We learn how to tell the time using 'o clock'. If we have time, we then try to learn how to learn half past an hour too. 

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids

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What's the time Mr Wolf?

If you have a twinkl account, there is a great interactive game called 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'. There is one for on the hour and half past the hour. It launches in your web browser.