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New Term... New Topic

During the summer term we will be looking at the history of the Romans and the Roman army. To start us off we have a video from Time Jester Scott telling us about the Roman Scutum Shield. There are lots of interesting facts about this shield in the video and how it was used to protect the user. 


Here are some questions to try and answer after/during watching the video: 

  1. How heavy is the scutum shield? 
  2. What formation did groups of soldiers use to protect themselves? (Also named after an animal that we learnt about in class!) 
  3. How is the hold different on the shield? 
  4. What did the symbols on Time Jester Scott's shield represent? 



Design your own scutum shield. What will your symbols be and why? Remember, you can email photos of your work to the school email address, I would love to see what you have been working on. 

A Closer Look At The Roman Scutum Shield

See if you can answer the questions after watching Time Jester Scott's latest video.

Let's Talk Medieval Mail Armour!

Some of you may remember Scott the Time Jester who visited our school a couple of years ago. He has made a video about Medieval Mail Armour to help you learn a little more about it. See how many new facts you can learn. Maybe you could make a poster about it to share with others.

The Stone Age

Your history topic is the Stone Age.

I would like you to find out:

  • When was the Stone Age?
  • What were their tools and weapons made from?
  • What type of art did they make?
  • What did they eat?
  • What do these terms mean? -  Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.
  • Why do you think it was called the Stone Age?


You can present your findings however you like, you might want to write a story, make a poster or make a PowerPoint presentation.


Once you have researched the Stone Age and found out lots about it, I would like you to make your own piece of Stone Age style art work.


Here are some websites that might help you: