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Finding paragraphs

Creating different characters

Learning how to be quiet backstage!

Emotions in drama

We have started our drama lessons and have been learning how to express ourselves. We learnt how to use body language and facial expression to show emotions. 

What we have been learning in English...


Persuasive Letters- we have started to learn about persuasive features of writing, as well as how to write our own letters. We have learnt about the difference between formal and informal letters.


Folk Tales-  we have learnt that folk tales are similar to fables. We have written our own folk tale.


Fables - we have learnt about fables, and Aesop, the person most famous for these.


Biographies- we learnt what a biography is, how to write one and then we planned and wrote our own biographies about people of our own choice. These have been published into a class book of biographies. 



Roald Dahl- as a class we read Esio Trot and learnt about tortoises and Roald Dahl.