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Week beginning 13th July


This is our last week of 'school' and your task this week is to write an adventure story (there are links on the Oak Academy for this but you may have already completed these). 


Many of you will remember Ariel the tortoise who came to visit us early on in year three. At the start of lock down, Ariel the tortoise went on a little adventure of her own. Here is a short summary of what happened but I thought it would be great if you could adapt this and write your own adventure story- perhaps also about Ariel. 


Her owner was standing at the front door talking to her neighbour when Ariel made her escape! She clambered down two steps and made her way across the driveway...however, her owner had no idea! 


A few minutes later she noticed Ariel wasn't anywhere to be seen. She searched high and low and could not find her, all the residents nearby helped out and posters were displayed to alert people. 


After a restless night for Ariel's owner, the search began again. Thankfully, Ariel was found in some shrubs nearby and had enjoyed her illegal night out! She did a lot of sleeping over the next two days but she is now back to her usual tricks, munching away on strawberries and lettuce leaves! 

Ariel just after being rescued

I'd love to read your stories so, if you can, please send them in via the school email. 

Week beginning 6th July


There are no new Oak Academy lessons published so please work through and check that you haven't missed any. There are also daily lessons on the Bitesize page. 


Oak Academy- 


BBC Bitesize-

Week beginning 29th June 

This week, please work through the lessons about newspaper reports.

Week beginning 22nd June 



Please work through the Oak Academy lessons about letter writing. Is there someone you know who you could send a letter to?


Please remember to work on your spellings- you should have the list of Y3&4 statutory spellings. It is attached below if you need it. I have also attached the Y1&2 spellings for you to test yourselves on- see how many you can remember! 

Week beginning 8th June and 15th June

additional task added below


Over the next two weeks I would like you to work through the reading of James and the Giant peach.  If you have the book you can read along at the same time. 

All ten episodes have now been released. 


After each of the episodes I would like you to summarise the story so far. You can summarise however you like- for example, it could be a video, a mini book or a story board. You could use one of the story board templates below (or design your own). 


At the end of the book you will then have your own version of James and the Giant Peach. 


When you complete the story you could also write your own review- this could be a review of the story, a review of how the story was performed, or both!


What to include in a review

  • what you are reviewing (include names of authors etc.)
  • a summary of the story
  • whether you liked it and why- to help with this you could have two stars and a wish-
  • two positive things and one negative if you liked it 
  • two wishes and one star if you didn't like it
  • an overview to say whether you would recommend this to a friend

I would love to see what you create so if you can, share your pictures/documents via the school email smiley

Week beginning 1st June 

This week I would like you to work through the adventure story unit with Mr Mac. Remember, you can send your stories to school, we would love to read them. 

Spellings for this week

Week seven and week eight


This is a two week unit learning about character description. 


The spellings are focusing on prefixes mis, dis and re. See how many you can learn. 

Week six


The focus for the next 5 lessons is poetry with Mr Phillips. 

The spellings for this week are:



Week five

For English this week we are focusing on instructions with Mr McGarry. 

Please follow this link to take part in the online lessons and quizzes on the Oak National Academy online classroom. 


The spellings for this week are: 

Week four

For English this week we are focusing on setting descriptions with Mr Mac. 

Please follow this link to take part in the online lessons and quizzes on the Oak National Academy online classroom. 


The spellings for this week are: 

Alternatively, you could work through some of the ideas provided by Lancashire County Council in this document.



Week Three


For English this week we are focusing on how to write instructions. 

Please follow this link to take part in the online lessons and quizzes on the Oak National Academy online classroom. 


I hope you are all enjoying the English lessons with Mr McGarry. He has covered a lot of areas this week. Remember to keep working on your spellings for the test tomorrow! 

Here they are in case you have missed them: 








Week Two


Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Here are some English activities to try this week. 



Premier League writing challenge- a competition to create a poem. The link below provides more information as well as a video from the author of How to Train Your Dragon.,1453Q,2V0GZV,3X084,1 

Limerick Challenge


Recently in class you were learning about limericks and you came up with some fantastic ideas. 


Your challenge this week is to try and create your own limerick/s based on a theme of your choice. A limerick is a style of poem so you could also use it to enter the competition above. Some ideas of themes could be Paddington, Antony Gormley or your favourite sporting hero. 


Someone who works in the Tate art gallery has created a limerick about different artists. Here are two verses from it to inspire you: 


Picasso said, "Yes, it is true, 

My paintings were all red and blue, 

But then I displayed

A picture I made

From more than just one point of view. (Thank you.)" 


Dali had talent so rare

His tash could stick up in the air

His art was a fusion 

Of dream and illusion 

And very unique facial hair. 


John Hughes




If you need extra help to remember what a limerick is then have a look at this link:

Week One


This week was supposed to be our last week of our work on discussion. We had discussed fake news and why some people make this. We had also looked at ways we can identify if news is true or fake.


If you would like to work on your discussion skills then why not try discussing some of the current topics, such as the need to self-isolate and to be 2m apart from each other.


Other topics that could be discussed are:

  • School uniform
  • Social media
  • Looking after the environment


Remember though, it is a discussion not an argument!