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Come and See

Come and See


We are currently in the season of preparation, where purple is the colour worn in Church. Lent is a time to remember others and what they have done for us. Some of us choose to give up something we enjoy, some are doing things to help other people.

Week three

  • How did Simon of Cyrene give of himself ?
  • Why did Jesus give his life for us?
  • Why do Christians go to church on Good Friday?


Suggested activities

Think about Jesus’ self-giving and your own greatest self-giving: e.g. giving love when it is hard, like looking after a younger brother or sister, giving time, showing forgiveness, having patience. Write this on a template of a cross or make a cross out of post-it notes.

Week two

A new way of living

This week we are focusing on the Beatitudes. Read the scripture and text below and consider the following questions: 

What do you think a generous heart is?

What does it mean to be gentle?

Why is it important to forgive?

Why are peacemakers important?

What new way of living and giving have you thought of this Lent?



Next, Choose one of the Beatitudes.  Write a short story or draw a picture showing how someone is living and giving of themselves in this way.  Give reasons for their actions.



Picture 1 Week two part one
Picture 2 Week two part one
Picture 3 Week two part one

Week two part one

Week two part two

Sometimes it is hard to be totally giving


The greatest week of the year for Christians is Holy Week, when the Church remembers the suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  This account is heard during that time.


After Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples he suggested they all went to the nearby olive garden called Gethsemane, to pray.  This is Mark’s account of what happened there.  Read God’s Story 3 page 116 Gethsemane based on Mark 14:26-31, 32-46 (see link below).


Key Questions to consider

  1. How did Jesus feel when he got to the garden of Gethsemane?
  2. What did he do?
  3. What does this story tell you about Jesus’ generosity?
  4. Why do you think Jesus took his disciples with him and why did he ask them to stay awake?
  5. What do you think about how the disciples behaved and why?
  6. How do you think Jesus felt when his betrayer arrived with the soldiers?


Pick one of these activities 

  • Imagine you are Jesus in the garden at Gethsemane.   Write a prayer to God, your Father, using ideas from the scripture text to help you.


  • Write an account of this event from the point of view of Peter, giving reasons for the ways he found it hard to give of himself.   
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Week One

During this time of Lent it would be good if you could find a way to be giving, like the man in the story we read who made himself into a bridge.



How can you help out at home? 

How can you be ‘giving’ rather than ‘taking’ during this time?


In class this week we would have been reading about Jesus being in the desert for 40 days. I have attached the two readings below.



  • Consider how Jesus might have felt being alone in the desert for 40 days- at this time some people in society will also be alone. Could you say a prayer for them?


  • Create a story board to show what Jesus went through whilst He was in the desert.


Picture 1

A resource from the archdiocese for prayer time at home