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Borwick Hall 2014

Borwick Hall 2014


4.7.14, 11:05pm


The children arrived safely this afternoon, enjoyed a healthy lunch and then checked into their rooms. The groups then carried out one of the three group activities, canooing, rocky ramble or team challenge.  Returning to their rooms, they were then faced with the challenge of putting a cover on a duvet and making their beds.  After an evening meal of pizza, ravioli and chips, we then went through an indoor labyrinth, had a quiz and played bingo. As I write this, the children are sound asleep, ready for tomorrow's adventures. Today was wet and rainy, but tomorrow promises dry, warm weather.


5.7.14 11:10pm


The children have had a fantastic day today., with clear blue skies and sunny weather providing a perfect backdrop to a range of activities. All of the children have now completed sessions on climbing, canooing, rocky ramble and team challenges. The rocky ramble took us up Wharton Crag, which offered panoramic views across Morecambe Bay. We have spent the entire evening outdoors, playing games in the grounds of the hall. After such a hectic day, it has not taken very long for the children to settle down to sleep and they are all in their rooms resting for tomorrow's activities as I write this. Tomorrow morning, we will have a tour of the house, followed by an orienteering challenge. I expect that we will be back at school between 2-3:00 pm.  Mrs. Greenall will send out a text message to provide parents with a more specific time, approximately an hour before we arrive back.


We haven't been able to post as many pictures as we would have liked, due to slow network access, but you can access more on Twitter @assisist.