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Ava's Hugs for Winter

When you decide to do something good for other people, you just never know where it is going to lead you. Ava in Y2 watched a documentary on TV about homeless people and decided to do something about it by raising funds, through making T-shirts, collecting toiletries and blankets in order to 'warm the world one blanket at a time.' 

With the help of her Mum, Nadine, and Auntie Stacey, she set up a Facebook group to spread the word about how people could become involved and help. Their request for a stall at the Christmas Fayre was an easy one to say yes to.

On Friday, as Ava and her family were busy preparing the stall, they were surprised by presenter Michael Underwood, who, with the help of children from every class throughout the school, brought in donations in the form of blankets and duvets that will certainly help to keep the cold away from many homeless people this Winter. They were interviewed live on national TV and given a huge surprise themselves in the form of a present for Ava and a trip to Disney World in Florida for her family. It was  avery emotional moment for us all who were present in the hall and, as I saw later on TV, even Rylan himself was filling up. You can watch for yourself on ITV Player following the link below.

So all I want to say is well done to Ava and her family for taking the initiative to do something good and, in the process, providing our school with a wonderful new experience that no-one will ever forget.


Watch the show here:


Read the article in the local press: