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Activity 6 Music

BC KS2 Music: Treasure Island

The story

Jim Hawkins - aged 12 - lives and works at the Admiral Benbow Inn on the Bristol Channel. One day an old sailor - Billy Bones - arrives looking for lodgings and before long other sailors arrive too, looking for him.

It turns out that Billy Bones has a map, the key to finding a lost treasure hoard in the Caribbean.

For Jim it is the start of the great adventure: he and his friends charter the Hispaniola and sail. But their crew includes a number of pirates including Long John Silver and soon he has control of the ship...

Use the Tutorial video to begin learning each song: David Grant guides you through each song methodically, giving extra attention to any difficult passages or activities in groups.

Use the Story video to watch an episode of the story. 

Treasure Island

Treasure Island: Part 2 - Jim's blues

The pirates attack the Admiral Benbow Inn hoping to seize Billy Bones' map. Jim and his Ma escape to Squire Trelawney's house, where they discover that the map is a pirate treasure map. The song is a slow blues number.

Treasure Island: Part 2 - Jim's blues.

Treasure Island Colouring Sheets