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Activity 6 Art

Mars Landing

Perseverance Buggy Rover

Following on from the exciting news of the "Perseverance" space craft landing on the planet Mars, today we have a choice of space themed drawing activities.

Fell free to explore and draw any of the following: an Alien, an Astronaut or if you're feeling adventurous your own version of the Mars Buggy Rover.

Whatever you choose -  relax and have fun.

How To Draw An Astronaut

Learn how to draw an astronaut! Don't forget to draw the background too!

How To Draw A Space Alien

How To Draw Toy Story Alien

Learn how to draw the alien from Toy Story!

Mars Rover

The Mars Rovers send us new information every day from the red planet. But what if there were martians? Would they like the rovers as much as we do? What wou...

The 2020 Mars Rover

In 1997, there was Sojourner. Then, in 2004, there were Spirit and Opportunity. In 2012, there was Curiosity. And now, Mars is getting ready to meet its next visitor.

How to draw NASA Mars Curiosity Rover

Download a free printable outline of this video and draw along with us: