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Activity 5 History

Activity 5 – History 

Anglo-Saxons and Scots - Place Names

Before you start the lesson, I recommend you view the first few BBC Anglo-Saxon Britain Animation video which gives a view of life in Anglo-Saxon Britain and is shown through the eyes of a typical family. This will set the scene for the lesson and beyond. After this go on to the lesson powerpoint and use the following points as guide.

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms -The Kingdom Name Meanings

Use this power-point, re-cap the 7 main Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.


Root Meanings:

Using maps or atlases ask your child to find place names containing the suffixes - ham, -ford and –worth.


Anglo-Saxon Place Names Activity Sheet

Children complete the Anglo-Saxon Place Names Activity Sheet. 

From there, label a map of Britain to show the location of the different places.


History KS2: Anglo-Saxon Britain (animation)

Anglo-Saxons and Scots: Place Names

Anglo-Saxon - Place Name Meanings

Anglo-Saxon Place Names