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Activity 4 Geography

Geography - Compass Directions

Four Compass Points Activity?

Before using the compass power-points and activities below, I suggest you view the two short BBC Bitesize videos and interactive tasks as a refresher. Then go on to use the activities to reinforce your teaching on angles, direction and compass points. Children need to link 90°, 180°, 270° and 360° to moving around the four points on a compass. What are the four compass points? The four main compass points are north, south, east and west.

Finally, have a look at the short You-Tube videos to consolidate your compass knowledge and skills.

Have fun everyone!

BBC Bitesize - Using a Map & Compass

BBC Bitesize - How to follow directions

Compass Directions

North South East West - Cardinal Directions for Kids

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Cardinal Directions on Brainpop Jr

Cardinal Directions Song

Teach North, South, East, and West with this Fun Song!