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Activity 4 English - Design a Superhero & Comic Book

Superhero Instruction Manual book by Kristy Dempsey read aloud!

Anyone can be a superhero and this guidebook will show you how! Just follow six easy steps and see how you can become one.

"Superhero" by The Laurie Berkner Band

Best Kids Songs- "Superhero" By The Laurie Berkner Band is a song about being your own superhero and kids empowerment. Find this song on The Laurie Berkner B...

Kids Superhero Song - Let's Be Superheroes | Action Songs for Kids - Bounce Patrol

Let's be superheroes and save the day! Learn all the hero dance moves - fly like Superman, stomp like the Hulk, run like the Flash, climb like Spider Man, la...

From Superhero to Super Comic Book.

Want to be a Superhero?

Having watched the superhero videos, have a go at creating your very own using the templates in the powerpoint below.

Try to be as inventive as you can and think carefully about what your costume might look like, what your super powers might be and how your superhero will help the world.


After that, why not use you newly created Superhero to develop your very own

Comic Book story using the templates also in the powerpoint below.

Exploring the parts of a comic | TeachOntario Graphic Novels Course

A short introduction to the various parts of a comic and how each are used to tell a comic's story.

Design Your Own Superhero

How To Turn a Sheet of Paper Into a Comic Book You Can Sell

Ages 8 through 99Ever dream of writing your own book, comic.