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Activity 4 Come and See

Learning Focus 1 - Jesus Picks His Twelve Apostles



Jesus chooses people to work with him.


Jesus proclaimed God the Father’s love by what he said and did.  People who followed Jesus Christ in the early Church began to be called Christians. They formed a Christian community called the Church.  At the beginning of his ministry on earth, Jesus chose certain people to follow him and share in his work. They were to be apostles and would be sent out to spread the Good News.


Within the final powerpoint you can share with your child the story from God’s Story 3 page 90. 

I Have Chosen You, Mark 3: 13-19 – God chooses people to serve him today through their parish communities.


I suggest you watch the short videos first then follow the power-points in order.


The final powerpoint has some interactive activities and a diary task to be completed in your child's workbook.



  • Using the scripture passage your child can write a diary entry as if they were one of the apostles being chosen. Ask them to share what it was they were called to do and say how being chosen made them feel.
  • Invite your child to design a ‘Code of Conduct’ of how to live as an ‘apostle’ of Jesus, giving reasons for their choices.




Jesus Chooses His Disciples

Jesus Calls Peter

This Bible story is based on Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11, and Mark 1:16-20.

12 Disciples Song - Twelve Disciples Song

12 Disciples Song (Jesus Loves Me)

Diary Scroll - Jesus Picks His Apostles