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Activity 3 English

Activity 3 – English - “Well Being Wednesday Monsters.”


This is going to be an ongoing theme for each Wednesday and it gives us a platform to explore the idea of well-being with the introduction of some “Well Being Wednesday Monsters.

To start with we are going to follow “Eggmo” as he meets all of his "MONSTEROUS" new neighbours in the appropriately

named Monster Lane in "Monstro-City.”

Each of Eggmo's new friends will pass on their wisdom and skills for mental health and wellbeing.

This is week one and today we meet “Hilo!”


Firstly for this activity, I would like you to watch the video of Hilo meeting a neighbour.


From there, I would like you to view the powerpoint and then

use your creative skills from yesterday, but instead of designing a superhero, I would like you to design TWO completely new “MONSTEROUS” creatures that have arrived to live in “Monstro-City.”


Take your time to draw them and give them individual names and certain personal qualities. Once again be imaginative and free with your ideas and colour schemes.

Remembering that there is a “WELL-BEING” theme, try to sketch them out and think about how they will move and speak to each other in a kindly way.


Once you have established your two new creatures, I would like you then to use your comic book skills from yesterday and create your own Monstro-City Comic Book story showing the day of them meeting the other creatures Eggmo and Hilo.

Good luck and send me some of your magical work once again.

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