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Activity 2 Maths

Fast 12 times table trick!!!

The 12 Times Table Song | Skip Counting by 12 for Kids

Video: 12 Times Table Song


Learn your 12 times table with Zeta's song from THE TIMES TABLE ADVENTURE!Help Billy and his friends stop the evil Zeta and her Number Crunchers in THE TIMES...

12 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

Sing the 12 times tables

The 12 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 12) | Silly School Songs

Kids will have a blast learning their 12 times table with this funky and catchy song! Enjoy! F

Learn 12 times multiplication table trick | Easy and fast way to learn | Math Tips and Tricks

In this video, I'm going to show you a really easy trick to learn and memorize the 12 times table. This trick will be really helpful to remember the 12 times...

The Fastest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts

Fastest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts By Learning & Mastering 6 Key Rules, Students can now learn all 144 time tables.