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Activity 2 Maths

Year 3 & 4 - Oak Academy Maths

Angles and Shape

Lesson 1 - To identify and recognise angles

In this lesson, we will start to understand what the word ‘angle’ means. We will begin to identify angles within objects and shapes before we start to compare the size of angles.

Lesson 1 - To identify and recognise angles

Recognising Angles Worksheet

BBC Bitesize - What Is An Angle?

Angles: measuring angles and their names for Kids

We measure Angles with... a protractor! Have you ever used one before? Here's how!

Angles Song | Acute, Obtuse, & Right Angles | 3rd & 4th Grade

Thank you for watching our Angles Song.

Angles Song by Peter Weatherall

Fantastikos Mathematikos. A series about mathematics for children by Peter Weatherall: