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Activity 2 Maths

Lesson 4 - TIME ( 11mins )

Telling 'minutes past' on a digital clock

Before starting today's short 11 minute lesson - it will be really useful to watch the video "Telling Time for Kids - Learn to tell time on both Analogue and Digital Clocks"

This will give a real boost in learning to tell the time on a digital clock.

Once you have completed your lesson and the accompanying Oak Academy worksheet - there are some others to explore.

But remember - you don't need to attempt all of them, just those you feel like doing.

There's another song at the end to assist you in your telling time journey.

Have fun everyone! 


Telling Time for Kids | Learn to tell time on both Analog and Digital Clocks

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Lesson 4 - Telling 'minutes past' on a digital clock ( 11mins )

This Is a Digital Clock | Digital Clock Song for Kids | Telling Time | Jack Hartmann

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