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Class Newsletter

World Museum Liverpool


Yesterday, class 2W had a great time exploring the World Museum in Liverpool. We visited each floor and were able to learn some fascinating facts about Space, Dinosaurs, World Cultures, the Ancient World, Bugs and Sea Creatures. We were lucky enough to take part in a learning session about British Sea Creatures and we were able to touch a starfish, crab and a sea anemone! We were all very brave in touching these creatures and thought of some great questions to ask Ben about the animals. The children all really enjoyed the trip and their behaviour was outstanding. Museum staff commented on their beautiful manners, well done 2W you make us all very proud.

Africa Week


This week the children have been studying the continent of Africa. The curriculum has been very cross curricular and the children have had lots of fun with their learning. The children have been writing their own poems, making instruments, designing jewellery and even tie dying their own t-shirts. Take a look at the pictures of the children below. On Friday we had a special visitor called Brian, he was from Samba Bamba. Brian had brought in lots of trash items for us to bash and work together as a team to create music, we had a fantastic afternoon. 

Bash Your Trash

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Commotion in the Ocean


The children have been working very hard on their new topic 'Under the Sea.' Miss Dysart has been working with 2W and they have been learning about poetry. The class have learnt some verses from the book, 'Commotion in the Ocean,' please enjoy the videos below. no


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Lyme Park

As part of our DT week about shelters today we visited Lyme Park in Stockport. After an hours drive we arrived at the entrance and slowly drove down the winding road. We entered the estate and soon spotted the majestic deers resting alongside the road. We continued to the car park and met our guide Tim, he told us about our exciting den building activity and led us into the woods. We had a great time searching for long straight sticks to build our den, once we had made our frame we scouted around for foliage to prevent rain from entering the den. After we had built our amazing den, it was finally time for lunch, we were all very hungry after working as a team. 

After a yummy lunch we took a gentle stroll up to the Grand House. It was such a beautiful building and we all wished that we could live there. We walked around the house, exploring the many different rooms, and found out all about the history of the Legh family who lived there. We each had a scrap book, inside were questions that we had to find the answers to. On the walk around the house we made lots of new friends who helped us to complete our scrap books. Mrs Wright, Miss Still and Mrs Blair were very proud of all of us in 2W today, as lots of the adults who volunteered in the house told us how polite and well behaved we were. We were fantastic ambassadors for St Francis of Assisi School.

Sea Life Centre - Manchester


What an exciting day 2W have had! The day of our trip to the Sea Life Centre in Manchester had finally arrived. Mrs Wright told us that we were going to be looking at the animals and finding out lots of interesting facts about them. Our trip was going to help us to learn to write facts in interesting ways. We all hopped onto the coach, fastened our seatbelts and away we went.


First we entered, Turtle Beach. Here we listened to the speaker tell us about the life of a sea turtle and how they lay their eggs. Next we moved into, The Shoal room and The Rocky Hideout. We looked at the different fish and were able to begin finding out the answers to our questions in our booklets.

Next we looked all around Jellyfish Seas, Shark Shipwreck and the Coral Reef. We were able to read lots of interesting facts and look at how the information was displayed. Then we entered the Underwater Ocean Tunnel, we were amazed by the amount of fish inside. It was here that we spotted the sharks, they were swimming right over our heads! In the same tank was our favourite Sea Creature of the day, Ernie, the Giant Green Sea Turtle. We really enjoyed watching Ernie swim around his tank, we thought it was really funny when he was taking the sharks food!
Then we stepped into Turtle World, the Tropical Ocean display and Stingray Bay. There were so many interesting creatures for us to discover new facts about. We loved reading the information and being able to touch and feel the interactive displays. After this we ate our yummy packed lunches in the sunshine.

After lunch we went back into the Sea Life Centre to watch the sharks feeding session, the sharks were swimming faster and all of the fish inside the tank seemed a little scared but the sharks only ate the food which they were being fed. We were lucky enough to be able to go 'Behind the scenes,' with a friendly guide called Alex. She told us all about how the creatures food was prepared, how the animals were cared for and how the animals were looked after if they were ill. It was very interesting and Alex answered all of our questions that we had for her. Finally we were able to have a play in the Soft play area and spend our money in the shop. We had a wonderful day!

Nocturnal Animals


As part of our topic about Non-Chronological reports today we have a very special visitor coming to our class. The Bug Man is coming to visit Year 2 to show us a selection of nocturnal animals. We can't wait to see what animals are coming to visit us. Check back later for pictures.

We had great fun when Stephen the Bug Man came to visit. As we are learning about Nocturnal Animals he brought in lots of different nocturnal animals which we were able to learn lots about! We were very brave and were able to handle many of the creepy crawlies. Amongst the animals Stephen brought with him were a tarantula, a Royal Python, a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, a Japanese Toad and a Scorpion! We learnt many new facts and really enjoyed learning about these creatures.

Easter Bonnets


Look at our fantastic Easter bonnets which we made at home.

Problem Solving with Year 2


Mrs Wright told us that we were going to be entering the hall to solve some problems. We didn't know we were going to found, some of us thought that we were going to find maths shape problems, some of us thought that we were going to be fixing broken toys and some of us thought that we were going to be doing lots of maths questions.


In the hall we found a large coordinates grid and a friendly man called Tim. He explained to us that we were going to use our maths skills to find our way from the bottom of the grid to the top using the given coordinates. We thought this was going to be easy but it was actually really tricky. If we stepped on an incorrect square it buzzed and we had to begin over again. It took a long time to find the correct route but we used our problem solving skills to direct Mrs Wright and Miss Brogden along the correct route. We had lots and lots of fun trying to figure out the correct moves to make.

Solar Eclipse


Wow! This morning we were lucky enough to witness the Solar Eclipse. Outside Mr Gibson's classroom he had lots of safety glass for us to look through and Mr Forsyth even had special viewing glasses. We were outside for around 25 minutes and were able to see the many different stages of the Eclipse. We had to go in and get our coats as the temperature had really dropped. The next time this happens we will be aged 21/22! 

Have a look at the pictures of us viewing the eclipse through the safety glass.


What a fun time we have been having of a Tuesday morning. During our P.E. sessions with Nick we have been learning tennis skills. In our first session we learnt how to use an under arm throw and we were aiming different sized balls onto targets.

In our second session of tennis, we were learning how to use a forehand stroke. We learnt how to position our bodies so that we could take the best aim at the ball. It was quite tricky but we kept on practising and we soon improved. Well done 2W, you worked really hard to learn this skill.

Internet Safety

Before half term we were learning about how to stay safe online. We looked online and watched a clip about Smartie the Penguin. He was a very sensible penguin as he was asking his parents when he was unsure about something online. We made our own internet safety badges and we role played a scene of playing online and learnt how to stay safe.

The Punctuation Show


On Monday we had a special visitor to our school, his name was Barry and we learnt all about punctuation and grammar. We were lucky enough to have two fun sessions of singing and interactive learning. As we have been learning about punctuation and grammar in our literacy lessons we were able to join in fully with the show.




This half term we have been learning how to become gymnasts. We have worked really hard to improve our skills and listen to the instructions given to us. We have been creating our own short sequences of 4 or 5 actions. Mrs Wright was really pleased with how we were able to perform.

Compass Points and Directions


Oh no! Katie Morag is lost on the Isle of Struay! She had sent a message in a bottle which we found in the water tray outside. It said, 'Please help me 2W! I'm lost on the Isle of Struay and cannot find my way home. Can you use the directions to help me?' 


Mrs Wright taught us a mnemonic to remember the  four compass points, 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat.' When we learnt this and positioned the compass in the correct direction we blindfolded our friend and then directed them around the classroom pretending they were Katie Morag, it was great fun! We also used the beebots to navigate our way around the island using the compass directions, Mrs Wright made it more tricky by placing objects in our way and asking us tricky questions. We also talked about the physical and human features on the island. We then designed our own Islands and had to include physical and human features, Mrs Blair was helping us to include the correct features. 

Inspire Day


Thank you so much to the parents who attended Inspire Day. Myself, Miss Still and the children really enjoyed having you all in the classroom with us. We hope that you found it a beneficial experience to see what really goes on inside our classroom and have learnt some new methods to support your child's learning at home.  There are a few photographs below which were taken during the maths activity lesson. Thank you for your continued support.


Katie Morag

As part of our new topic, 'Katie Morag' we have discovered that she lives on an island off the coast of Scotland. We wanted to know some more about islands so we did a little research and learnt that they are a body of land surrounded by water. We also learnt that islands are created when a volcano erupts again and again over time and the lava hardens. Klint received a 'Build a Volcano' kit for Christmas, he brought it into school  and we have built it together. Have a look at the pictures below of our work so far. Tomorrow is ERUPTION DAY! We are so excited!


Eruption Day

Eruption Day is here and we are all so excited. This morning the volcano was painted a brown colour so it looked real. We had to wait for it dry before we could make the eruption mixture. After lunch we gathered all the equipment we needed and we predicted that the volcano would fizz and bang. Please see our pictures below which are of the eruption.

2W's Class Debate - Should our school remain closed or should we re-open?

Why our school is special...


Oh no! Aliens have landed in our school playground and have shut the school! How are we going to persuade them to let us back in? We have thought of lots of reasons why they should let us back in our school. Mrs Wright was so impressed that she wanted to show you how much we love our school. Take a look at the picture below and see our reasons why we think our school is so fantastic.


Our Christmas Trip to Cheshire Reindeer Farm


What a fun filled day we had visiting Cheshire Reindeer Farm. We left school at around 9:30 a.m. Our teachers made sure that we were belted in on the coach and we settled down for our trip. We were able to take Buddy with us as he was inside a plastic box when we got to  school. We were very excited to show Buddy off to the other elves. When we arrived we followed our friendly elf Bubbles to the Farm. We had a sing and a dance with the funny elf and then we had our lunch. After we had eaten our lunch we were then able to meet Father Christmas! It was such good fun, he came and sat by the big fire place and had a chat and a sing along with us. He then asked Buddy and Jingles if we had been well behaved and because we had we were lucky enough to each get a present from him. After we met Santa we went into the outside area and were able to feed some of the reindeers. Have a look at the pictures of us. What a great day we have had!

Buddy the Elf - Day 10


After Buddy's very busy day yesterday we came into school to find Buddy relaxing in a marshmallow bath with his new friends! What fun!


Buddy the Elf - Day 9

Today we were super excited to come into school because it was Buddy's 7th birthday! We couldn't believe that he is the same age as us. We helped Mrs Wright to decorate the classroom using banners and balloons to make Buddy feel extra special. In the classroom Buddy had left us all two tiny marshmallow cakes each and he arranged them into the shape of a 7! We loved tasting Buddy's delicious cakes.

Buddy's 7th Birthday

Christmas Dinner Day


Today we were able to celebrate the festive season with our friends in class by eating a yummy Christmas dinner. We listened to some music and had a little dance with our teachers. We really enjoyed eating our delicious dinners. A great big thank you to everyone who made our lunch time such a fun one.

Christmas Lunch

Buddy the Elf - Day 8


Buddy was hanging around in our roleplay area this morning. We found it quite hard to find him today.

Buddy the Elf - Day 7

Buddy the Elf surprised us today by dressing up as one of our favourite characters. We had a little trouble finding today because he was disguised as Elsa from Frozen! Buddy had been onto the computer in our classroom and printed out cut outs of Elsa and Anna. Buddy gave Anna to his friend, and he dressed as Elsa. We loved our new Frozen friends.

Buddy the Elf - Day 6


This morning we arrived into our classroom to find that Buddy had gotten himself into quite a tangle. He had been up to his old trick of wrapping our Christmas tree in toilet paper! Mrs Wright was very cross with him. enlightened Buddy will have to go to Mr. Naylor's office if he carries on being a naughty Elf!

Buddy the Elf - Day 5

We arrived into school this morning to find that Buddy had been up to mischief during the night. He decided to have a tea party with his friends. He flew into 1P's classroom and borrowed their tea set, he even took Mrs Wright's cereal to share with his friends. Naughty Buddy made quite a big mess!

Buddy the Elf - Day 4

Oh my gosh! Today we arrived in school to find a note from Buddy saying to look on our class page. We were so shocked to find that Buddy had snuck into Mrs Wright's bag and was flying around Liverpool taking lots of Christmas pictures! He had also left us two small gingerbread houses which he had made with Mrs Claus when he returned to the North Pole. Our teachers have to chose one well behaved boy and one well behaved girl to take the gingerbread houses home.

Buddy the Elf - Day 4

Buddy's Night Time Trip

Hi 2W, this is Buddy, I hid myself in Mrs Wright's laptop bag and now I'm on her computer in her living room while she is fast asleep! smiley I was able to go into Liverpool while Mrs Wright was shopping with her mummy. I took lots of Christmas pictures, do you like them? I even found a place that looks a lot like my home at the North Pole! I hope Monty the Penguin enjoyed my visit.




Buddy's Night Time Trip

Buddy the Elf - Day 3


We arrived into school today and we struggled to find Buddy at first. He was soon spotted hanging about on our washing line. We think he wanted to keep a close eye on us all whilst we were working! Buddy was peering over Liam's shoulder making sure his handwriting was neat and tidy. It was also Leah's birthday today and we were lucky enough to have some birthday cake but when we came back in from playtime Buddy had been eating Cale's slice of cake, he had crumbs and icing all around his mouth. We hope that he enjoyed answering our questions that we had written for him, we want to learn as much as we can about Buddy.

Buddy the Elf - Day 3

Buddy the Elf - Day 2

Today we arrived at school to find Buddy the Elf sat in Mrs Wright's camera case. Buddy had been very busy overnight taking lots of selfies with all of his new friends he had made in school using Mrs Wright's camera, cheeky elf! He had left a print out on the board and a message asking us all to take a selfie with him so he could show Father Christmas. This afternoon we all had our own selfies taken with him and even our teachers did too. Poor Buddy almost fell out of the camera bag when Mrs Blair had hold of it but luckily Mrs Wright managed to save him by covering her hands with a plastic bag and safely putting him back inside. Phew! It was a close call!


Buddy the Elf! - Day 1

Our very special friend Buddy the Elf has returned. When we arrived in school this morning Buddy the Elf was there, he had very kindly brought us in a new Christmas tree and decorated it. He was sat right at the very top near to the star. We were all so excited and happy to see him. Father Christmas has sent us a new Buddy notebook to write in, one person each day will write about what Buddy has been doing and Buddy will take it back to the North Pole each night. We are so excited to see where he will be each day. Mrs Wright will keep our class page updated so all of our families can see too.


Buddy the Elf - Day 1



What an exciting week we have had last week! On Monday we used a website and designed our very own superheroes. We had to think carefully about which special items they were going to wear and how they would use their super powers. When we got back to class we each wrote a list using bullet points to name the special powers our heroes had. The next day we were then using our list to write a character description. We were using our success criteria to ensure that our writing was fantastic and had all the important elements in it. Year 2 had a very special visitor who visited our class, the Ice Crusader sent us a special message to help us with our writing!

The Ice Crusader wanted us to use adjectives, verbs and even similies! We were so excited to see him. He even sent us another clip leaving us a writing challenge to help free him from the evil Dr. Octopus! We were all so eager to complete the challenge and help to free our friend the Ice Crusader!

The Ice Crusader

Still image for this video
Year 2 were visited by the Ice Crusader with a very important message asking for their help. The children rose to the challenge and produced outstanding work!

Great Fire of London


Today we were lucky enough to be able to visit the local Fire Station. We walked to the station with our teachers and were greeted by the friendly Fire Fighters. The fire engines were really big up close and we were able to see what was stored inside them and even go into the engine and try a breathing mask on! The fire fighters showed us how loud the siren was and how bright the flashing lights were by driving around into the back of the station. Then we were able to have a go at using the house to put out the pretend fire, we really enjoyed helping Tony to put out the fire! Next up was a tour of the station and we were able to see behind the scenes. We learnt that the fire fighters have to do lots of training and are always learning about new ways to help their local community. We had great fun at the station and learnt lots more information about how to keep safe if we were ever in a dangerous situation. Thank you to the Fire Fighters at the station for allowing us to visit. We hope to be able to visit again. 


Today, Year two had another exciting visitor. Tony from Lancashire Fire Service came to school to speak to us all about fire safety in our home. We learnt lots of important lessons about how to stay safe if a fire ever started in our homes. Tony let some of us dress up in fire fighter costumes and role play how we would help people in a dangerous situation. Our homework tonight is to make sure that someone in our family checks that we have a working smoke alarm. Mrs Wright is going to ask if we checked tomorrow.

When Tony the Firefighter visited Year 2





What an exciting start to our new topic! Today we were lucky to receive a visit from Ellie from Freshwater Theatre Company. Ellie brought the story of The Great Fire of London to life and we were the actors and actresses. We had great fun taking part in the drama session and learning lots of new and interesting facts about this history topic. We are all very excited to learn more about this interesting part of Britain's past.



Global Week


This week we are celebrating 'Global Week'. We are looking forward to a week filled with fun learning experiences.


Our home work on Friday was to draw and label items in a suitcase which we could take to a hot country. An extra challenge we had was to bring our real suitcases or bags into school on Monday morning filled with our actual summer clothes.















We were very excited to use our passports and board the plane to North America but first we had to get to the airport. We had a long walk carrying our luggage with us.



    'I can't believe that we are going

    on an aeroplane! I am so excited!'













 'Did you remember your passport?'




















It was a really long walk to get to the airport. But we finally made it!



We had our passports and boarding passes and were all ready to go. Just one more stage before we can board the plane, check in.



Only 5kg's of hang luggage is allowed on SFOA Airways!





The check in staff were very thorough. They ensured our passports and boarding passes matched and then sent us to find our seats aboard the plane. We had to use the co-ordinates to find our seat, once we had found it we stowed away our luggage and got comfortable for our long flight.



Our Pilots and Flight Attendants ensured that we were comfortable and strapped in. Then we were able to watch the in-flight safety video.



We were finally ready to sit back and enjoy our flight.



Whilst in the air we enjoyed some light refreshments and entertainment thanks to our Cabin Crew.



Thank you for flying SFOA Airways, we hope to see you again very soon.


Global Week - Tuesday and Wednesday


The children have had a busy two days learning about Native Americans.

We looked at their way of life and we compared and contrasted it to our own. Mrs Wright told us about their homes, what they ate, how they hunted and some of their beliefs. We made our very own dream catchers, teepees, headdresses and little people. We had to follow lots of instructions and show good listening skills to complete each item.



We have had another really busy day in 2W. Today we were looking at some of the  famous American landmarks which have been built. They were The Empire State Building, The White House, The Washington Monument and The Golden Gate Bridge. We were then challenged by Mrs Wright to work in pairs or small groups to replicate the famous landmarks using the junk which we had collected. We were able to learn in partnership and build and share together.


On Wednesday 1st October we had a visit from Acorn Venture Farm  to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi Day and also World Animal Day. The children really enjoyed the experience of feeding the animals and they found out lots about them.

Acorn Farm Visit

The children have had a fantastic day finding out about the life of Beatrix Potter. First we visited Hilltop House where we found about Beatrix's life and then we moved onto, 'The World of Beatrix Potter,' where they children were able to explore Mr McGregor's garden and learn about the many different characters in the stories.

Beatrix Potter Trip

On Friday 12th September we celebrated 'Roald Dahl Day'. We made some of the food from 'The BFG'. We thought that the Snozzcumber sandwiches were delicious but we were not so sure about the Frobscottle drink. Have a look at the pictures of our BFG party.

BFG Party