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Ava's Cake!

Miss Partington would like to say a massive well done to 1P for their fantastic assembly performance! Thank you to all the parents that came to watch, the children really enjoyed putting all their effort into practising so that they could give you a great performance! Well done! smiley

Newsletter 10.07.15

Newsletter 03.07.15

Darcey's Birthday!

Alisha's Birthday!

Newsletter 26.06.15

We have begun our Spring gardening...

We used what we have learned about capacity to invent super hero power potions.

We have written our own class comic book about Superheroes!

We have been learning about capacity

Newsletter 01.05.15

Parent/ Carer Meeting: Phonics

Thanks to all the parents who attended our session about phonics and the Key Stage 1 screening check.  We hope that you found it useful and will be able to use some of the resources to support your child with blending words and reading.

Newsletter 20.03.15

Our Easter Bonnets

This weeks newsletter

This week we have been working really hard in class 1P! We have been counting in money in Maths using 1p's and 10p's and playing games to help us learn which coins add up to 20p! In Literacy we have been reading books by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoyed reading Superworm and even predicted what we thought what might happen next in the story.

It was our first week back after the Christmas break this week. In Literacy we have been following instructions and finding out how important they are. In Maths we have started to look at place value using tens and units. In Come and See we have been thinking about the special people in our lives and how they help us. We talked about the special people we spent Christmas with and how we might have helped them too.


The children have really enjoyed playing Cool Maths Games, if you would like your children to play these games at home please follow the below link:



 This week was our last week before Christmas. We had lots of fun with Christmas activities in class and we even had a Christmas party with the rest of KS1!

EYFS/KS1 Christmas Party

 We have had a visitor in our class for the past 3 weeks. Sammy the elf was sent by Father Christmas to see how we behaved and worked in class. Whilst he was here he got up to lots of mischief, including sneaking into Miss Partington's Christmas tree! On the last day of term, class 1P came into class and found presents left by Sammy and a card. The card explained that Sammy was very impressed with how class 1P behaved and he told Father Christmas this. So Father Christmas sent our class some lovely toys and books!

Sammy the elf brought us gifts!


This week in 1P we have been performing our KS1 Nativity! All the children performed exceptionally well and really enjoyed their time on stage! Well done frown!


In Maths this week we have been focusing in money - we have been looking at different coins and using these in real life contexts. In Literacy we are beginning to look at Christmas poems and will start to write our own next week!


In Come and See we are beginning to look at Advent and are beginning to understand that it is a time for waiting. We have been discussing what we have waited for and how it made us feel.


The KS1 Christmas party will take place on Wednesday 17th December. The class have been given slips of paper in their book bags with a food item to bring to the party.

This week has been an exciting week in 1P as we have been starting our Christmas festivities!


We have had a visitor in our class, Sammy the elf has been causing mischief and we have been writing about his antics in his diary!sad 


Sammy even came with us on our surprise trip to the Midstream Christmas Grotto! We all got to meet and talk to Santa - we even got a present! 


In Literacy we have been writing our own dragon and lion hunts. In maths we have started to look at fractions. We have used lots of different resources to find halves and quarters.


On Monday we will be having a dress rehearsal of the KS1 Nativity, before the first performance at 2pm

Library books will be changed every Thursday


Midstream Christmas Grotto

Welcome to class 1P!


This week class 1P have been looking at We're Going on a Bear Hunt in our Literacy lessons. We are beginning to create our own hunts using dragons and lions! We have made our own characters and described them using some great adjectives. In our Maths lessons we have been counting in 2's and investigating which numbers we can share smiley and which numbers we can't wink. We found out that EVEN numbers can be shared and ODD numbers cannot! In our Come and See sessions we have been discussing what it means to 'belong' and are beginning to understand baptisms.


In class we are focusing on reading. The children have been given library books to take home and these are to be returned on Thursdays. We have also had a visit from the library bus from which some of our children chose some lovely new books for us to read in class!

What we have been doing this week

Welcome to 1C!


In 1C we have been writing stories based on The Tiger Who Came for Tea. We have been learning to measure length and doing lots of counting. In Come and See we have been learning about families and being part of God's family. Everyone is working hard and having lots of fun.


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