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Welcome back everybody after a relaxing Easter break. Are you ready .. steady for lots of exciting learning?


This term we will begin by learning about Traditional Tales in English which will see our role play transform from Jurassic park to Hansel and Gretel's delicious house made from scrumptious sweets. We will continue to learn how to tell the time so we are confident, begin an investigation of our local area and lots more.




Holidays and Holy days


We have really enjoyed talking about our special holidays and why they are important to us. We packed a suitcase for a hot country and our adventure began. Summer time is here, happy faces and outside learning .... we acted out different activities which we enjoy doing on holiday. 


What do you enjoy doing on your holiday?







We had lots of fun talking about different special Holy days which we can remember ... we thought of: Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In Year 1 we love any excuse to get dressed up and act out ....


Can you guess which Holy Day we are acting out?




Hmmmmm, who are these three mysterious children claiming to be?




Dressed like royalty, bearing gifts, one of which looks like gold and all three have huge smiles on their faces ....


Could it be the 3 Kings? Where could they be going?



Who do you think Lillia and Lucas have dressed up as? 




They look like they are in a stable and holding a special baby  .. Could it be Mary and Joseph? Could the special baby be Jesus? 


Lillia said "I love dressing up as Mary as she was Jesus's mum!" 





If you guessed this special Holy Day to be Christmas Day then you were correct! 


Maisie said "My favorite Holy Day is Christmas Day because it is when Jesus was born and he is the special son of God!"


What a thoughtful and repectful reflection!








Are you ready for Holy Day number 2?



What is Modestas doing here? 


He looks like he is pointing to Ella's head ... 


Who is he pretending to be?










If you look really closely you will see a sign of the cross on Maisie's forehead ... 


Can you remember the name of this special Holy Day? 


If you guessed ... Ash Wednesday then you are correct!




Can you guess which special Holy day this is?






Mally, Rocco, Summer and Ella-Rose really enjoyed taking on the roles of different people and dressing up.

We learnt a riddle ... its the front of your hand, its the day before Monday .... its blank blank .... how strange ... take a look at further pictures for more clues.







Adam proudly is holding up what appears to look like green handprints ..... 



or are they palm leaves .... 



hmmmm front of my hand is a palm ....


the day before Monday is Sunday ... could it be ...


Palm Sunday?







We shouted "hosanna hosanna hosanna in the highest .. blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord .. hosanna in the highest!"


We couldn't believe that there were some people who didn't like Jesus ... Jesus was such a good person we thought this was wrong.









Shock shock .... who is the scary visitor knocking at our door?

It was a normal day at school ... until the telephone rang and told us a scary looking person was looking for our classroom! We started to ask questions .. Why is the person scary? Why are they looking for us? Before we could turn around, there was a loud knock at the door and in flew a wicked witch!!! 




Here is the wicked witch, she said she wanted to eat us all up because she was super hungry! oh no!








We began to ask her l

lots of     

questions. We learnt this is 

called hotseating. The witch had a cunning laugh. 












Ella shouted "help the witch has caught me!"


We asked the witch was she lonely living by herself? She explained she didn't need or want any friends and that she enjoyed living by herself and being wicked! 














We are the ...

   Hello and a special big welcome to our class page! Year 1 is a happy, creative and exciting place to learn. We can't wait to show you our wonderful pictures of our learning. Keep looking each week and you will see how we grow and develop into independent learners!


Our class motto is why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary?

We feel like big boys and girls now we have embarked on our adventure in Year 1! Our week is filled with fun, play and lots of interesting activities. We are trying really hard to share, be kind and helpful, just like St Francis!




Are you ready to come on an exciting learning journey with us?



Run run as fast as you can ... you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man ...

We couldn't resist baking our own scrumptious gingerbread men whilst learning how to find 1 less! We didn't know Maths could be so much fun! With our aprons on, ingredients in our hand and our very own Mary Berry (also known as Mrs Brehney) we set off to the kitchen.



Carefully, we weighed out the ingredients and loved mixing them together with our hands.


Mally exclaimed "it is sticky!"






We listened really carefully to each instruction. Look at these two superstars!







We are superstars at working together as a team!