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Science Week


What an exciting week! The children really enjoyed their day of Mad Science with the scientists. They had lots of fun and lots of interactive learning took place. The children then made their own dinosaur teeth! 


In class we carried out our own experiment and created our own lava lamps. We predicted what would happen when we dropped in the alka seltzer. Have a look at the children's predictions and the pictures of our lava lamps.

Science experiment predictions

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Within our topic about dinosaurs we have been learning about fossils. We think that they are really interesting and the scientists who find them must be very clever. We looked at lots of pictures of fossils and wanted to make our own. We have used art straws and looked carefully at the pictures to try and make our own fossils. Do you like them?

World Book Day 2016


The children have had a great day in school today. They all looked wonderful in their costumes and had lots of fun parading on the catwalk with the rest of the school. 

The new topic in Key Stage One is Dinosaurs. We have started the topic this week and the children are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. They have already been impressing me by sharing the knowledge that they already have about this topic. We are all looking forward to learning more about these amazing creatures.



We have been learning about how to improve our writing. We decided to use some adjectives and conjunctions in our writing to make it even better! Mrs Wright asked us to choose a picture of a dinosaur, we had to talk to our chatty partner and think of as many adjectives as we could. We then wrote them around the picture using our phonics to help us with spelling words we were unsure of. 

Today we used our adjectives about the dinosaurs to write a description of the dinosaur. We had to use conjunctions in our writing to extend our sentences. Mrs Wright thought that our writing was fantastic! Have a look at the pictures of our work below. no

Measuring Dinosaurs


We are having so much fun learning about dinosaurs. In class we were talking about how big or small some dinosaurs were. We found lots of facts by looking in the information books and also found some on websites. Mrs Wright said that we could go out onto the playground and use the trundle wheel to measure out the dinosaur's lengths. We couldn't believe how big a diplodocus was!

Design Technology


Today the Year 2 children took part in a Design Technology lesson with Mrs Gillies from Our Lady Queen of Peace. The children are going to be building their very own Moon Buggy, this D.T. work is part of our topic about 'Explorers'. Today the children have built the frame for their buggy, they began by collecting the correct pieces of equipment that they need. Their next step was to use a junior hacksaw to cut a piece of dowel, all the children were so responsible and sensible in using this equipment.  Finally, we used the wood glue to stick the frame together in an oblong shape, they were very careful to make sure that the frame was perpendicular.

Buddy the Elf - Day 6


This morning we found Buddy all tucked up in his bedroom. He was even cuddling a tiny teddy. After lunch, Buddy had moved and was sat at his table. He was having marshmallows for his lunch!

Buddy the Elf - Day 5


Oh no! Buddy has been a very naughty elf today! We arrived into school and found our lovely Christmas tree all wrapped up in toilet paper. Buddy was sat in the tree looking very proud of himself.

Buddy the Elf - Day 4


Buddy the Elf was today hiding inside a coffee cup! He had written a note for us, it said, 'Best behaved boy or girl can take home the biscuit, love Buddy xxx'. Mrs Wright, Miss Seddon and Miss Jones had to decide which child could take home the biscuit.

Buddy the Elf - Day 3


We arrived into school this morning to find Buddy hiding in the role play area. He was inside the manger with baby Jesus. We were very careful not to disturb him.

Buddy the Elf - Day 2


When we arrived in school today we found Buddy in our phonics area. He had brought us a jigsaw puzzle, he wanted us to play together and share nicely.

Buddy the Elf


What an exciting morning we have had in 1/2W so far! We arrived into school to find that the Christmas decorations have been put up in our classroom. There is a beautiful tree and some hanging decorations. The teachers did not know how they got there sad. There was also a present and a notebook from Father Christmas on Mrs Wright's chair. Our Star of the Week was chosen to open the present and inside was a beautiful book which told us about the elf who has come to visit our classroom. But he had escaped from the box! We searched high and low for him, we even looked outside. We found him hiding inside the cupboard with a note that said, 'Do you like the tree I brought you? Buddy xxx' We are looking forward to finding Buddy each day and to see where he is hiding. Keep checking the website for updates about Buddy.



We have had lots of fun in our class learning about fractions. Miss Seddon brought us in a loaf of bread, we were cutting it into halves and quarters and then using the pieces to count in fractions. Miss Seddon said that we made it look very easy! Have a look at our photographs below.

Church Visit


As part of our topic on 'belonging' 1/2 W visited our church. We were able to look at the items which a priest would use in a baptism. We took our doll and role played a baptism. Have a look at the pictures of our celebration.

Author Visit - Ella Burfoot - Year 2


Year 2 worked with the author Ella Burfoot. They listened to some of her stories and then roleplayed the story of, 'The Tickly Squid' which is not yet out in shops. The children then designed their own tickly squids. During the afternoon session the children worked together to create their own story. 

Author Visit - Ella Burfoot - Year 1


Year 1 children worked with an author called Ella Burfoot. They listened to some of her stories and took part in different activities throughout the day related to her books. Year 2 will take part in this tomorrow. Please check back for more information and pictures on Wednesday.

Solving Problems


The children have worked so hard with our new teachers Miss Seddon and Miss Jones to complete the firework problems. We had to find as many different ways as we could to make 12. We worked with a talking partner to extend our thinking. Our new teachers were really impressed with how clever we are!

Inspire Day


Thank you so much to the adults's who came to school to work with their children on Inspire Day. We had lots of fun activities that were based around our topic which is called, 'Traditional Tales with a Twist.' We looked at features of a traditional tale and were learning to recognise them. The four different activities that we had going on were:

1. Roleplay with Mrs Breheny.

2. Using an app called Popplet to write down the features of a traditional tale.

3. Writing our own story of Little Red Riding Hood.

4. A Letters and Sounds game.


We all had lots of fun and the children all really enjoyed working with the adults. 

Welcome back to school!


We have had such a busy first week back in school. The children have been working hard on lots of Bonfire Night related activities. We have written a newspaper report about Guy Fawkes, made our own shape poems, worked on firework related maths problems, made our own rockets for the new role - play area and completed phonics assessments! We have been joined by two new teachers who will be with us until February half term, they are Miss Seddon and Miss Jones.  We have a very busy half term ahead of us, thank you for the continued support.



As part of our Come and See work 1/2 W have been learning about the religion of Judaism. This week we were very lucky to have the chance to meet a new friend called Jeremy. He came into our school to speak to all the children about a day in the life of a Jewish child. We learnt lots of interesting facts and enjoyed meeting Jeremy.

Junior Chef Academy


Before half term all the children were involved with the Junior Chef Academy. KS1 children worked in pairs to make their very own Berry Brulee. The children all worked together really well and each produced a delicious dessert. This is what the Junior Chef Academy website has to say about the session which the children participated in:

Local food is better by miles.

In this session, we’ll take a look at veg-box schemes, farmers’ shops and markets, and ‘pick and grow your own’. In particular, we look at berries from Britain and how they can be used to make a delicious brulee.

This workshop gives children the skills and awareness to make informed choices about where to source their food and the environmental impact of using foods sourced from abroad. It also engenders an understanding of what improves and harms the local, natural and built environments, and the social and moral dilemmas that ensue. It therefore encompasses:

  • Practical food skills
  • Environmental science
  • Reasoning and debate

Let us sow the seeds of creative thinking about local community, sustainability, taste and food quality!

The Beatle's Story


On Tuesday 6th October Key Stage One were very lucky and were able to go on a school trip to The Beatle's Story in Liverpool. We went on this amazing trip as part of our topic called, 'In the Town Where I was born.'  We have learnt about Skelmersdale and also Liverpool. We have looked closely at The Beatles and learnt lots of fascinating facts about their lives. We have been learning the song, 'Yellow Submarine' in our music lessons and were very excited to go on our trip.


When we got to the Museum we went into The Discovery Zone. We had so much fun in here! We dressed up as The Beatles and their fans and we learnt how to twist to 50's music. Next we chose a lovely colouring sheet that we are going to use to make a mobile to hang. On the floor was something which many of us had not seen before, it was a giant interactive piano! We loved it! We were jumping onto the keys to play along with the music that The Beatles made. After this we went into the exhibition and learnt lots more fun facts. Then we ate our yummy lunches.


After lunch we took a stroll through the Albert Dock to the Pier Head where we were lucky enough to visit another Beatles exhibition and experience the 4D Beatles film. We all really enjoyed this part of the trip and especially loved it when the seats moved, the water squirted us and the bubbles flew into the air. We were all so tired after this so we had a relaxing drive back to school on the coach.



Measuring Fun!


In class 1/2W we learn to measure accurately using the standard measurements of millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm) and metres (m). 


We are learning to make sensible guesses and estimate length, and we look at various apparatus (rulers, tape measures, trundle wheels etc...) to help us to measure correctly.



In the Town where I was born...


As part of our topic on Skelmersdale and Liverpool the children all worked together as a team to write down what we know about Skelmersdale. We used an app called popplet to record the information that we already know. We are going to continue to add to our popplet as we learn more about Skelmersdale. 


We had a discussion about our favourite place in Skelmersdale. Some of the children talked about going to the park, some the shops and some about their own home. We decided to make a map of Skelmersdale using our favourite places. We opened up a big box and got to work using the felt tips! 

Maths Work


We have been working really hard in our maths work to show Mrs Wright how clever we are. We have been partitioning numbers using base 10, iPads and the interactive whiteboard. 



Year 2 - P.E. 

The children have been working with West Lancashire Sports Leaders every Tuesday morning. Have a look at the pictures below.

Welcome to 1/2W!


What a busy first week we have had in our new class. It has been lovely to get to know all of the children, we hope that they have enjoyed their first week back. We have spent this week working in small groups and 1:1 with children so that we could get to know them. If there are any questions that you need to ask please see me when the children are coming into class or at the end of the day.


We have been really busy writing about ourselves. We also read a story called, 'My Naughty Little Sister', we were able to write some super sentences about her.



In maths we have been showing our teachers how clever we are by ordering numbers, counting, naming 2D and 3D shapes and even completing some mental maths work.