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Year 6

The Wonder of God in Creating New Life


The Christian teaching is that babies should be conceived as the fruit of a loving, married relationship.


Learning Objective

Children develop, in an appropriate way for their age, an understanding of sexuality and grow further in their appreciation of their dignity and worth as children of God.


Key Words:

• God
• Christian
• Appropriate

• Dignity
• Sexuality
• Intercourse

• Fallopian
• Conceive
• Relationship

• Uterus
• Cervix
• Marriage
• Fiancé
• Fiancée



Explain how human life is conceived. 



Relationships develop and eventually you may be able to use the world love.



1. Recognise and complete a list of the signs of love expressed in those around us.

2. Reflect on the different degrees of friendship that exist



1. Understand that God causes new life to begin through the love that parents have for each other.

2. Celebrate God's creative love in creating us as his children and recognise that we grow as human beings to the extent we give and receive love. The on-going understanding of marriage is living out love

3. As Christians we can appreciate the sheer wonder of the sexual act. God created the incredible natural process by which husband and wife bring new life into the world. The Church celebrates all this in the Sacrament of Marriage.