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Year 4

God Loves us in our Differences


Learning Objective

Children know and understand that they are all different and celebrate differences as they appreciate that God's love accepts us as we are and as we change.


Key Words:

  • God

  • Gifts/talents

  • Difference

  • Development

  • Change

  • Mate/female body parts

  • Conflict

  • Appreciation

  • Celebrate

  • Achievement



1.Continue to recognise that all pupils grow and develop at different rates.

2. Name the different male and female body parts and introduce their various functions.

3. Identify the development of the baby in the womb. 



1. How do I learn to accept and celebrate who I am?
2. How do I accept difference in others?
3. How do I deal with difference and manage the conflicts that arise.



1. How do I appreciate my own gifts, talents, achievements and all that

makes me unique?
2. How do I appreciate others and the gifts they have been given?

3. How do Ideal with the natural, negative emotions that present




1. Can I identify and name my feelings?
2. Do I know and understand what these feelings are?
3. How do I deal with what I feel and can I analyse my feelings and actions?



Look at St Paul's teaching on love.