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Year 3

How we Live in Love


Learning Objective

Children know and understand the virtues essential to friendship and experience the importance both of forgiving and of celebrating God's forgiveness.



1. Who takes care of me?
2. How do I look after myself?

3. How am I changing?



1. How do I keep myself safe?
2. How do I help others to make and keep friends?

3. How do I take care of others?



1. How do you feel when a friend is not there for you?
2. How do your friends feel when you are not there for them?

3. How can you be a more supportive friend?



1. Can you recognise the difference between being alone and being lonely?

2. To recognise the need for personal privacy eg:, personal space.



1. Read/Sing the story of Zacchaeus who was an outcast. Jesus accepted him as a friend, welcomed and forgave him.

2. How can I forgive and include others as Jesus did?
3. Write down what you like about your friend then share.