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Year 2


We meet God's Love in the Community


Learning Objective

Children know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God- given community.


Key Words:

• God
• Community
• Belonging
• Family
• Father/Mother

• Corer/Guardian

• Emotions



1. Do you belong to a community?
2. What other community do you belong to?

3. How do you belong to these communities?



1. Is belonging to a community important?
2. What do we receive from the community we belong to?

3. What do we give to the community we belong to?



1. How does a community help us to develop our feelings and emotions?

2. Are we always happy in our community?
3. Are we, as a community, sometimes sad or upset?



1. Could people feel clone even though they belong to a community?

2. What would they miss out on?
3. Whet are the advantages of being on your own?



1. If God is called Our Father' what does that make us?

2. As children of God how should we treat each other?