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Year 1

We Meet God's Love in our Family


Learning Objective

Children know and understand that they are growing and developing as members of their own family and God's family.


Key Words:

• Unique
• Friend
• God
• Important

• Different

• Special



1. Who is in my family?
2. How many children have babies in their families?
3. Remind children that babies come in different sizes: some have long legs,

some with hair, some without hair and some big some small.

4. Talk about how fast babies change and grow.



Children are asked to find out what age first steps/words occurred to draw out the social dimension of human growth and development within the family and the development of social skills.



1. What are the happiest moments in your family 

2. What are the saddest moments in your family?

3. How is love shown in your family?



1. Why do we need to grow up in families?
2. What happens if you grow up without a family? Would it be a happy

3. What would you miss? How would life be different?



It is assumed that Baptism will have been covered in 'Come and See'.

1. We are members of God's family
2. How were we born into God's family?
3. What special do we give to God as members of God's family.