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SATs and Phonics Results 2015/2016

End of KS2 Results 2016



  Reading Writing Mathematics
School Progress Score -1.38 -0.80 -1.16


These progress scores are classified by the DfE as average (in line with about 60% of schools


Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standards in reading, writing and mathematics: 29% (nationally: 53%).

Percentage of children achieving at a higher level in reading, writing and maths:0% (nationally: 5%).

Average scaled score in reading: 99.8 (expected scale score: 100)

National average scaled score in reading: 102.6 

Average scaled score in mathematics: 99.8 (expected scale score: 100).

National average scaled score in mathematics: 103.



End of KS2 Results (2015) 


  % achieving L4 (expected standard) % achieving L5
Reading 89% (88%NA) 41% (49% NA)
Writing 78% (85% NA) 22% (33%NA)
Mathematics 85% (85% NA) 22% (43%)


Percentage of children achieving combined L4 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics:

Combined L4 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics 70% (78% NA)

L4 is the level that children are expected to reach in Y6.

L5 is the level that more able children are expected to reach in Y6.


The table below shows the percentage of pupils making 2 levels progress from KS1 to KS2:

  % making expected progress
Reading  92% (91% NA)
Writing 96% (93%NA)
Mathematics 96% (89%NA)


Figures in brackets show national percentages of progress and attainment.


End of KS1results (2015) are as follows:

  % achieving L2 % achieving L3
Reading 85% (90% NA) 32% (31% NA)
Writing 85% (86%NA) 22% (16%NA)
Mathematics 93% (92%) 24% (24% NA)


Y1 Phonics: percentage of children achieving the expected standard (2015)

% achieving expected standard 76% (74% NA)


The overall picture that our results paint is a very positive one. For the second year running, children at KS1 are achieving in line with what children have achieved nationally and as our children go through KS2, they are making at least  two levels expected progress (and in many cases more than this).  A huge well done goes to the children and staff for working hard to bring this achievement about and thanks to parents for all of the support that you give to your children, which contributes to these improved outcomes.(2015)