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RSE Statement

​RSE is taught primarily through religious education,  using  'A Journey in Love' as a framework for planning and delivery.


A Journey in Love has at its foundation the belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God and as a consequence, gender and sexuality are God's gift.

In order that children may grow and develop healthily and holistically towards an understanding of their gender identity and its implications for relationships, they must be at ease with themselves and grow in knowledge.

An aspect of the mystery of love is treated in each year group. In each stage of a child's growth in the primary school there are a series of suggested, progressive and developmental tasks, reflections and activities which focus on physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

There is a teacher's book with the suggested tasks, activities, prayers, scripture, key vocabulary and learning objectives. 

RSE is now a statutory requirement for primary schools. The content of this resource has been approved by the Bishops. As a result the content must be taught in line with the church teachings. In which year group we teach the content is up to individual schools. The only part of the content which is not statutory is sexual intercourse.


We are committed to working closely with parents in the implementation and delivery of this programme. In Y5 and 6, parents are invited to annual meetings to raise awareness of the content of the programmes and provide parents with an arena in which to express their opinions and voice any concerns.


​Although RSE is taught primarily through religious education, aspects of this may be developed through other curricular areas when appropriate. Every area of school life can potentially contribute to RSE as it is one of our aims to foster positive human relationships, based on Gospel Values in all areas of experience..


It is recognised that RSE requires sensitive teaching, which is informed by the specific needs and concerns of pupils. Teachers will use their professional judgment when addressing issues in RSE and careful consideration will need to be given to the inevitable wide and varied experience and backgrounds of the pupils in the class.