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 God loves each of us in our uniqueness


Learning Objective

Children know and understand that God has made them unique and that although we are different we are all special to him.


Key Words:

• God
• Unique
• Different

• Special
• Eyes
• Hair
• Boy/girl
• Hands

• Fingers

• Name
• Family

• Womb

• describe



1. Does it matter if we are different?
2. Look at me - How am I different to you?
3. Look at you - How are you different to me?



1. With whom do I play with at school/home?

2. Why does (x) play with me?
3. Name favourite games.



1. How do you feel about your friends?
2. Do you both have other friends at school/home?

3. Why do you play with them?



1. Is it important to have friends?

2. Describe a good friend.



1. Is Jesus our Friend?
2. Read the story 'Jesus Welcomes the Little Children' and talk about

children being special to God.
3. Who is the Mother of Jesus? Why is she special?

Jesus grew for nine months in Mary's womb.