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Angel Express - how it all began..

Reception Class 2017 Behind the scenes - Angel Express

What a half term it's been! 

Thank you to all our superstars in Reception class for being super brilliant this half term. We've had so much fun together and already learned so much. Here's just a little selection of our time so far!

Autumn 1

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Watch out!

Dinosaurs about!

We love dinosaurs in Reception! We love reading stories about them, playing with dinosaurs figures, singing about them, and we even made our own 'Dino Den' to play in. So it was a HUGE shock when an egg appeared in our classroom. At first we weren't sure what it was, but after looking in books and using the internet, we discovered it was a dinosaur egg!! It wasn't a turtle or a coconut after all! After days of watching, it eventually...CRACKED! We arrived to our classroom in a big mess, tables turned over and footprints leading out the door. We asked Mrs Moore to check our classroom camera and we couldn't believe what we saw...

Come and See

Our first Come and See topic this half term is 'Myself'. So far we have learned that God knows each of us by name and we are all special to him. God has welcomed us into his family and we have been thinking about ways we can welcome each other. 

We have been playing games, welcoming each other and learning each other's names. We decorated our names using creative materials and have displayed them in our class. 


Picture 1 Who is special to God?
Picture 2 Isla is special to God!
Picture 3 Loving each other as God loves us
Picture 4 We welcome one another to our class family

We love PE!

We have definitely decided that PE is the best thing about being in Reception! So much so, we've been counting down the sleeps until our next lesson. Miss Berry loves being asked at least 5 times a day! We're very lucky this year as we get to work with sports coaches to teach us sporting skills correctly. We love Steven our first coach. He is teaching us how to play cricket!

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Picture 3
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