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Pastoral Care

Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Pastoral Care Team.


Dean Shipton ( Senior Mentor)

Sarah Watson ( Mentor)

Ms. Merriman (Pastoral Care Lead)


We are very fortunate at St. Francis to have the expertise of two learning mentors to assist any child in difficulty and help them overcome any barriers they may have to learning.


Dean, Sarah or Ms. Merriman are available to discuss any concerns you may have about your child's well-being in school. Please call the office at anytime to make an appointment if you need to discuss such matters or alternatively one of the mentors will be on the school gate most mornings.



Our School Rules were created in consultation with the children in the Autumn term. The School Council finalized these school rules and these were first presented to the school in a behaviour assembly.The children decided that all members of our school should:


  • Be a good friend: take time to listen and forgive
  • Show good manners: be helpful and polite
  • Be honest: tell the truth
  • Work hard: do your best
  • Respect each other, ourselves and the school

Latest Behaviour Policy